Are there Moose in Arkansas?

by Bird Girl

Curious Cow Moose near Yellowknife NWT

Curious Cow Moose near Yellowknife NWT

I live in the NW corner of Arkansas and few days ago someone living in same town as I do posted a picture of a female moose and stated he saw her at one of the small lakes not far from here. I have never known moose to come this far South. Do you think it could be true or is he pulling a hoax?

Bird Girl, that is a great question! Let's have a look at where moose have historically been found in the southern USA.

Moose go into heat stress at temperatures above 65 F, with warm temperatures that are found in Arkansas I think that moose would find the climate uninhabitable.

I suppose anything is possible. Realistically though, I don't think moose will be found that far south.

Moose have been seen as far south as Northern Utah and Southern Colorado due to relocation efforts during the early 1990's. During the winters of 1991 through 1993, 106 moose were released near the Upper Rio Grande River and have established a herd there. Basically following the Rocky Mountains as habitat.

Looking North from Arkansas, the closest moose sightings will be in The Dakota's, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan.

However; moose have, over the past many years been expanding their range to areas where historically they were not found, but as far south as to find moose in Arkansas? I would need more than a post on social media to believe that is true.

Thanks for your question.
~ Mark

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by: kapow

I would say by looking at the willow and the type of trees in the photo it is of more of a northern look. If there is that type of terrain then it could be true. If there's elk around there moose sighting could be possible.

Photo is from the north
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Good call Kapow. The photo we used is from near Yellowknife in NWT, Canada.

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