How to ship moose meat another city ?

by Linda I
(Leamington Ont., Canada)

Shipping Frozen Moose Meat

Shipping Frozen Moose Meat

What would be an easy way to send frozen moose meat to another city?


Linda, thanks for the question. I hope the following is of some help to you.

The only way I have ever heard of is to ship via air transport. Some airlines will have the capability to ship cold or frozen items.

This type of transport happens all the time for hunting and fishing lodges.

I believe you would have to take your frozen meat to the airport just-in-time for loading onto a plane.

Then on the receiving end the person who is picking up needs to be there to receive the frozen moose meat.

I did this a number of years ago. I shipped frozen beef to my sister at the other end of the province. Although I don't remember the exact logistics.

Of course another option could be, if you happen to know someone who works in cold refrigerated transport industry, you might work something out. I think you'd have to have a inside connection. But it might be worth looking into.

I Googled Leamington Refrigerated Transport Service and a number of businesses came up. Try it yourself and call some, you may be surprised.

Shipping frozen meat by mail or bus... probably not!

I'd loved to hear how you make out.

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Nov 12, 2015
Shipping meat.
by: Anonymous

I ship game meat often by air. You should check with you government game branch as you may require a permit to send out of province if that is what you are doing.
I put the meat in a foam cooler and seal well wiht tape. The airline puts the cooler into their freezer until loading time. I have the cooler delivered to the destination. (House where it is going).
Call the airlines first..


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