Moose Antlers - Dropping in Spring

by Sara

A couple of young bull moose that are not showing any spring antler growth.

A couple of young bull moose that are not showing any spring antler growth.


I'm have a question about moose in captivity.

If the male doesn't lose his antlers when he should and still hasn't lost then in April or May, what can we do?

Is there any way we can help him speeding up the process?

I've heard about saw off the antlers? Is that an option and how do that work in that case?

I have been looking for scientific articles about this but don't seem to find any.

Please let me know what you think.

Best regards, Sara

Casting off Moose Antlers in Spring

Hi Sara,

The casting or dropping of antlers by moose in the spring is a natural occurrence.

The dropping is actually caused by one or two things.

First, the older antler will have the tendency to drop on its own as the connection between the skull and the antler base weaken. If the male moose has large antlers, gravity will often help this along.

In our area mature bull moose drop their antler long before their younger counterparts do. The occurrence of antler casting is often well in advance of any visible new antler growth.

Secondly, in spring the new antler will begin to grow. This will push the old antler away from the skull and cause it to fall away on its own.

Even if you were able to contain your bull to saw off his antlers. You are not going to help his cause. Besides increasing his stress level to do so, the advantage of gravity to help the old antlers fall off will be lost.

"The Moose Man"

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