silver moose?

by Marlane
(Elk Valley)

Silver Moose

Silver Moose

Silver Moose
Another of the same Silver Moose

When we lived in BC, moose were regular visitors to our acreage... bedding down in the thistle patch right beside the house. One fall a momma brought her calf and he was a beautiful silver colour.

Is this colouring very common?

Do they remain silver or change to brown as they get older?

Late Addition: Here are some pictures of the silver moose calf I wrote you about. We lived in the south east corner of B.C. in the Elk Valley between the towns of Sparwood and Elkford.

I can't say that I have ever heard of a silver colored moose.

White moose, yes... even brown with white patched moose, similar in coloring to a pinto horse.

The white and or albino moose are not very common in BC. Although they are here and are scattered across the northern hemisphere.

I don't suppose you have any pictures of the silver moose?

Where in BC did you live? Maybe some of our other website visitors have seen this very different coloring of moose.

Thanks for sharing...


"The Moose Man"

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Silver Moose
by: Steve Kane (buckee)

I've never heard of one Mark, but it sure does sound cool. Every once in a while nature gives us an anomaly just to spice things up I think. The piebalds and the albinos are always interesting to see, for sure. I hope you can get some photos to share. That would be cool.
Another example of God's art eh buddy. :)


silver moose
by: Dave Kelso

I have seen greys, old moose, but never a silver. I would like to see a picture.
Dave kelso

Rare Silver Colored Moose
by: Mark - Site Owner

"Another example of God's art eh buddy. :)"

You got that right Steve!

I wonder if this calf, because she was a newborn had short shiny hair just giving her the "silver" look.

Even so, what a rare and beautiful moose she must have been.

I once saw a picture of a cow moose, where her back was completely blonde; as though she had been to the hairdresser! Bleached from the sun or natural, I am not sure.

Mark - The Mooseman

Winter Tick
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Although your moose is fairly uniform in color, it is entirely possible that the moose is infected with winter ticks.

Winter ticks have started to become a widespread problem south of the 60th parallel and there are many provinces and states that are studying the problem.

Some moose that have large numbers of winter tics will rub their hair so vigorously trying to rid themselves of these pests that the ends break off. These moose will have a white or ghost like appearance.

It has been hypothesized that the winter tick is spreading because of global warming.

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