Best cuts of moose to bring home, limited to 50 lbs...

by Toby
(Hamilton, Michigan, USA)

What parts of the moose do I bring home?

What parts of the moose do I bring home?

I am going on a guided Moose hunt in northern British Columbia this fall.

Due to the fact that we are flying, I will have limited space to bring meat home with me. I will be limited to a 60 quart Yeti cooler, which will hold approximately 50 lbs of meat.

Given the limited space, what cuts do you recommend that I absolutely must bring home? I would like to bring the tenderloins and backstraps...if I do that, will I have room for anything else?

Toby, for sure you will have room for more. As you mention, the tenderloins and backstraps (10 - 15 pounds max) are a must to bring out.

Beyond that, as much of the hind quarters as you can fit into your cooler.

Front quarters are typically going to be ground into mince anyway. If you are looking for quality cuts: roasts and steaks the best will come from the rear quarter.

It really will depend on the type of cooking you do.

Personally, even if you only cook sauces and casseroles I would still bring out the better cuts. These can be always be ground into mince and there will be less waste from ligaments, sinew etc.

Be sure to bone out and remove as much sinew, ligaments and silver skin as you can. Also be sure to remove fat deposits and cut away and discard and bruised meat.

Good luck on your moose fly-in hunting adventure.
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Jan 26, 2017
Want and waste!
by: Brian

I paid extra to fly out my whole moose. Depends on where you hunt,here you can get fined and loose hunting privileges.

Jul 03, 2014
Local Communities Benefit
by: Mark

A fly-in moose hunt doesn't necessarily mean there are no locals who can benefit from hunters. There are many moose fly-in camps where the hunts begin and end on horseback or boat right from remote communities.

I believe you see a fly-in moose camp as one where the only people there are the hunters and outfitters.

Moose hunts in northern Ontario and Quebec are often based right out of first nations settlements.

You have the right sentiments and I agree with you. No meat should ever be wasted!

In this case we don't have all the information as to the location of the fly-in moose hunt.

Jul 03, 2014
meat fly out who pay's
by: Anonymous

If they're going to give away the meat to local people someone still has to pay for the meat to be flown out Mark; so you see where I'm coming from. In my way of thinking it just get's down to money and who want's to pay for it???

Jul 03, 2014
Donating Moose Meat
by: Mark - Site owner

I don't know about this particular fly-in moose hunt, but I've heard that in cases where the amount of meat to be flown out from a fly-in moose camp is limited, the balance is donated to to local community... to those who cannot get their own.

I would hope that this is the case as well! :-)

Jul 03, 2014
taking home moose
by: kapow

In my way of thinking if your going to kill a moose you should be taking home the whole moose not just the best parts. That's never been my way of doing things if I could not take home the whole moose I would have never shot it in the first place. As humans we have to stand up and do what's right for the morality of it all, as a hunter I look at it as I am the game keeper also.

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