How long does potted moose last?

by David

Canned Moosemeat used in a Stew

Canned Moosemeat used in a Stew

Some friends gave a jar of potted moose about two years ago. We've kept it closed in the fridge (which has never failed) since then. It got 'lost' at the back of the fridge. It looks just the same as it did when they gave it to us.

Would it still be safe to eat, or did we wait too long?

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David, Personally I wouldn't hesitate in eating pressure preserved moose meat as long as the seal hasn't been broken.

I must emphasize that the meat must have been done by the pressure cooker canning method. I would not eat it if the seal was not intact, or if the canning method used was the boiling method.

As for longevity, we keep canned (jarred moose or salmon) for several years. We don't keep our canned food in refrigerator unless it has been opened. Once opened only a few days before it is discarded. We have a cold room (although it is not very cold) that we keep our canned food in. It is dark, no sunlight get in. I would think that if your canned food was exposed to sun the shelf life would be shortened.

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May 16, 2018
by: David


Thanks for the thoughtful advice.

I don't know if it was pressure-sealed or not and I can't ask the kind people who gave it to us.

It wasn't kept in the freezer, just a very good fridge.

Thanks again for your help!



May 07, 2018
Bottled Moose etc
by: Robbie (Yukon)

I agree with the canning pressure cooked moose.
I found a few gems in one of our freezers M 13
Moose frozen after being in the freezer since fall 2013. Good as new. It is all in the packaging
Bear season is here so will have to do until moose season.
If you have never had bear meat it is one of the best to eat..
I was looking at one of Mark's fiberglass moose calls today. Sure brought back good memories. šŸ™‚

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