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All About Moose Alerts, Issue #010
November 25, 2014


Welcome to this issue of the All About Moose Alerts Newsletter.

You'll always know when a message is from me by looking for [All About Moose Alerts] in the subject line or the "The Moose Man" in the "from" email address.

In This Issue:

Moose Photo Contest Coming in 2015

Black Friday Sale

The Ultimate Guide to Moose Hunting

Moose Tracks Photo Request

Moose Photo Contest 2015

Have you got some moose photos? We'll be announcing a Moose Photo Contest in the New Year. If you still getting out and about make sure to take some moose pictures and or go through your photo albums and get ready.

Black Friday Sale

Several items on sale right now:

Moose Hunting Tips Book -
The Ultimate Guide to Moose Hunting

Now Available in Print

Over the years I've had several requests to create a book that has all the best moose hunting tips in it. Well, as most of you 'regular visitors' know there are a lot of moose hunting tips on the website, a few of which were written and shared by you.

The problem can be; what to search for? How do you find a specific tip if you don't know what to call it?

I gathered up all the best moose hunting tips and moose finding ideas I could and created a book.

The book, now in it's second edition has 57 chapters and is 150 pages long. Wow!

It's available now for purchase. Simply visit the webpage to access the Add to Cart links. Or click here (for download & print combo)>>>

Add to Cart

Moose Tracks Photo Request

I still need a few good photos of moose tracks in the snow. (Photos you will allow me to use on the All About Moose website.) I need moose track photos of bulls, cows and calves both in loose powder snow and on hardpack. I'd love to get a moose track picture of tracks going across a snow covered field too. If any of you have some photos you are willing to share or wouldn't mind taking some pictures while you are out and about, I'd really appreciate it.

You can email them to me by responding to the Moose Alerts Email

Pre-Black Friday Daily Deals + Free Shipping on $49 With Code: 4GIFTS

All the best,
Mark Allardyce
"The Moose Man"

PS: Feel free to forward this Ezine to your friends.

PPS: Please help us to become the "BEST" moose resource on the web by submitting your stories and sharing your knowledge. Always updating with new recipes, pictures, hunting tips and stories.

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