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Contest Announcement

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    New Contest for April 2012
  • April Giveaway 2012 Contest Just write and submit a hunting story to have your name entered into the contest for the following prizes:
  • The April 2012 giveaway has five prizes: Winner Takes All!

    1. A Runlock Hunting Set
    2. Runlock Rope No.20 ten meters in length (30 feet)
    3. An All-About-Moose Decal
    4. An archers bow sling "String Sling"
    5. Surprise Bonus

    Visit the contest page for prize details

    The prize package for the April Giveaway 2012 has a value of well over $125.00

    It's easy to enter... Just write a short story (300 words minimum) about any hunting experience you've had. Tell us about what happened, or what could have happened. Describe how you felt at that moment. Everyone love to read hunting stories... tell us yours!

    Contest runs until April 30, 2012... You have good odds for winning this contest: Last year we had seven entries, this year we have two already, get your stories in for a chance to win!

    Two new webpages:

    • Archers Bow Sling: There are a few good reasons for an archer to use a bow sling. The best bow sling will have multi functionality modes. I know of one such sling manufacturer…
    • Great Archery Tips:These archery tips will help you hone your archery skill levels by increasing accuracy, consistency and ultimately assist you in bringing home the game.

    YouTube Video:

    • You may also be interested in the latest YouTube video we produced. It is a review of the Drift Innovation HD170 Point of View Camera... you can check it out here.

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    "The Moose Man"

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