Archers Bow Sling

I need a bow sling… One that is functional and not cumbersome!

If you have ever carried any kind of bow around for any length of time I am sure you will agree with me, bows, although light they are not comfortable to carry for any length of time.

Some may argue that the traditional longbow or recurve bow are not as heavy as say, a compound bow. Those people are right about the weight factor, but carry that bow around all day long in your hands and I guarantee by days end you will think differently.

When hunting, fatigue and excessive movement are your worst enemies!

Why Do You Need a Bow Sling?

Imagine if you will…

You have been spot and stalk hunting all day and finally you are closing in on your prize bull moose. You move slowly, gently easing each footstep to the ground so you don't make him aware of your presence.

Just a few more steps…

Suddenly the bull turns to look straight in your direction. You freeze mid-stride. He senses something is amiss and continues to stare… right at you.

Did you know? A moose can and will stand perfectly motionless for over twenty minutes… can you wait him out?

Up till this moment in time you have been switching that bow back and forth between each hand, carrying it by the string and then by the hand hold. It does not matter how you are holding it now you must continue to hold it without moving or be busted. The slightest movement will give you away! The only thing you can do is wait!

If you had your bow hanging from a sling at least you would have relief for your hands and forearms. That sounds like a much better idea, wouldn't you say?

There are several types of slings on the market today…

Most have a cloth or Cordura pouch that slips over the limb ends of your bow. With this type of sling there will be a shoulder strap and the bow hangs at your side. 

Don't get me wrong, having your hands free IS what we are looking for and these bow carriers do what they are intended to do.

As a matter of fact, I use one of these, at least I did until I discovered a new product.

So Whats the Problem?

The problem with this style is when the time comes and you need to put your bow into service, it requires a lot of movement to: remove the bow from your shoulder, remove the covers from each bow limb and then store the carrier so that you don't lose it, then retrieve an arrow and nock it.

All this requires way too much movement!

What if I were to suggest to you a different kind of carrier, one that can carry your bow at the ready; yes, even with an arrow nocked. Not only that, it can quickly and easily be converted to an over the shoulder carrier.

There are a few good reasons for an archer to use a bow sling:

  • It will free your hands for: glassing, carrying a walking stick and for deflecting brush to name a few.
  • It should allow the archer quick access to her bow with minimal movement.
  • Reduce fatigue.

The best bow sling will have multi functionality modes. I know of one such bow sling manufacturer…

It is called the StringSling.

Watch the video to see the bow string: StringSling in action!

Made in the USA with quality components you will not be disappointed. Visit the StringSling website and order one today!

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