Best Canadian Moose Hunts

The best Canada Moose Hunts are available in every province in Canada. Why? Because every province in Canada has a good population of moose that can be hunted.

If you are considering coming to Canada or you already live here, it will be a tough choice to determine which province to go to, to hunt for Canadian moose.

Hunting moose in Canada has been done for centuries, first by the natives of this Canada and then by Europeans as they settled across the North. There are ten provinces in Canada, all boasting to have the greatest moose hunting available (save for the Maritime Province of PEI). When trying to determine where to go for a Canada moose hunt, you will have to weight each choice on its own merits.

Follow the links below and we will explore the various Canada Moose Hunts that are available in the Provinces. If you have already been on a Canadian moose hunt and would like to share any of your Canadian Moose Hunting experience, please submit your moose hunting stories here. The story does not necessarily have to be about success, it just might be the experience of getting out there! It might even be about the one that got away... like a fishing story!

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 Canada Moose Hunts

The Territories of Canada

  • Northwest Territories Moose Hunting
  • Nunavut Moose Hunting
  • Yukon Moose Hunting

Canada's Biggest Moose

If you are looking for big moose, I mean really big moose, the Yukon territories is the place to go. No where else on earth are you going to find comparably sized moose. The Yukon Alaskan moose is the behemoth of all the species of moose. Of course though getting one of these moose comes with a price and a hefty one too. A moose hunting trip up to Alaska or the Territories will cost somewhere between $6000.00 to $12,000.00 or possibly more.

A Canadian moose hunting trip is affordable for the resident hunter if you do a DIY moose hunt. The average Canadian hunter can go out and spend a week to ten days in prime moose habitat and likely come home with a moose... without breaking the bank.

For most hunters, going on a Canada moose hunt is not a one man job, you will need help. So round up your hunting buddies and get out into some prime moose habitat and go moose hunting. Considering you will not be able to eat a whole moose yourself, so share the costs of the hunt, share the meat and share the fun with your hunting partner.

Our DIY (do it yourself) Canadian moose hunts usually cost us about $1500.00 to $2500.00 depending on how far we must travel... shared three ways, it makes moose hunting affordable. This of course does not include the price of the vehicles or hunting supplies. These costs include food, fuel and meat processing. We do not factor in the amount of wages missed by not working, this is a moose hunting vacation, and we love it.

We do our Canada moose hunting in British Columbia. When possible we apply to get moose tags through Limited Entry Hunting Draws. When we are not successful in getting a draw, we have, as of late been going to areas for the archery only seasons.

What do you think of the Limited Entry Moose hunt system? Does it work? Does it address the management issues? Tell us your limited entry hunting opinions!

Want to try moose hunting outside of Canada? Then try Alaska Moose Hunting. The Yukon Alaskan moose are the largest of the moose species - Alces alces gigas; nowhere else on earth will you have an experience like you can in the last frontier.

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