Alaska Moose Hunting
The Monarch of the North

Alaska Moose Hunting, a trip north to discover the abundant wildlife would not be complete without it. Alaska is an amazing place, it is the largest state in the United States and has the lowest population density of all of them.

It is a wild place and unless you are very familiar with the state it is advisable you travel and hunt with the aid of a guide or outfitter.

Alaskan moose are the largest of the species and the largest are found in the western parts of Alaska. Weighing in at between 1200 to 1600 pounds with antler spreads of 50 plus inches and on the rare occasion being over 70 inches. Mature and impressive trophies can be taken by the Alaskan moose hunter, and if you are prepared and patient, you will be accompanied home with a majestic set of moose antlers.

Many of the Alaska moose hunts are fly-in remote camps where a guide or outfitter will meet up with you and get you set up.

Moose hunting in Alaska is most often offered as guided or unguided with the most flexibility with the unguided hunts. Not just for residents, non-residents can hunt here too. To be eligible non-residents must apply for the draw in December of the preceding year.

Guided hunts are just that... guided, and the fees will reflect this. On a guided hunt you can expect your guide to perform many of the camp duties such as providing food, shelter and transportation. Also expect your guide to be knowledgeable of the hunting area and to have done pre-hunt scouting to discover the most suitable areas to hunt. After the hunt your guide should be able to help with the handling of your trophy and transportation back to civilization.

Un-guided hunts can come with a variety of options.

  • Complete Camp – Set up with everything you need except personal items and firearms
  • Partial Camp – You choose the item you bring and have the guide supply the balance
  • Transportation Only – Where the only responsibility of the guide is to get you out there and then to pick you up.

No matter which package you choose there will be weight restrictions if you are on a fly in camp. Typically ranging anywhere from 50 to 125 pounds per person depending on the options you have chosen.

An Alaska moose hunt is not for the faint of heart. You must be in good physical shape and be prepared to face unpredictable weather. Your gear must be in good working order and of the highest quality to withstand the harsh environment of the north.

Guided Alaska Moose Hunting

Guided hunting is similar to going to an all-inclusive resort (sorry... no drinks or bikinis though), you will have to supply your own personal gear (use your guides suggested list) and weapon of choice. More often than not, it is up to you to get to the pick-up point and home again from the drop off point. Depending on location of your pick up point you may need to spend a night both coming and going, find out in advance when you need to arrive. Your guide should arrange transport to and from camp and handling of your trophy (note: there may be extra fees to transport antlers or if you soot more than one animal) back to the drop off point. Packaging and coolers once back from camp are usually an extra charge as well.

Unguided Alaska Moose Hunting

If you are contemplating drop off Alaska moose hunting and you have never done one of these types of hunts before, it is highly recommended that you participate in a drop off Caribou hunt first. Although the Caribou hunt is also a physically demanding hunt it is a good training ground to prepare you for the demands of the moose hunt.

In Alaska regulations are strict and there are certain rules in place for the moose hunter. You must be able to identify legal moose from a distance and after you shoot your moose you must remove all edible portions of meat, that is going to be 600 to 900 pounds with bones (there are specific regulations about this – make sure you know them). Depending on the time of year and zone you hunt you may have to leave the meat attached to the bone and carry them too. Know the rules; ignorance is not bliss.

There are many Alaskan moose hunting guides, be sure and interview a number of them, check references and compare prices and services. Make sure you know what type of hunt you are booking and know what equipment you will need.

Archery and rifle hunts are really your only two options for doing a fly-in moose hunt in Alaska, black powder percussion caps are not permitted to be transported by air and these supplies are not available in the remote regions.

Archery gear for an Alaskan moose hunt must meet the following:

  • Minimum 50 pound pull within the archers draw length.
  • Arrow broad-head combined weight minimum 300 grains
  • Broad-head minimum width 7/8 inch.
  • Comfortable to hit a target to 40 yards

Recommended calibers for Alaskan moose hunting would be at a minimum .30 caliber (.30-30 is not recommended). It is advisable to err on the larger size just because of the size of these majestic moose and in the off chance you must defend yourself from bears.

You will be hunting in brown bear country, if you spot one from a distance, give him a wide berth. If you encounter one at close quarters, let him know you are there, yell at him, make some noise and look as big as you can. Try holding your pack above your head. Do Not Crouch Down. Chances are he will move off once he figures out what you are, brown bears will avoid human conflict on their own whenever possible. If you must... defend yourself.

It is also possible to donate your meat to a food bank for no charge processing and would be appreciated by those in need in some northern communities.

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