Pink Mountain Outfitters

Are you looking for a reputable moose hunting outfitter? Then Pink Mountain Outfitters is for you. Every season this family owned and operated business offers you a successful hunt.

Lloyd Clark is the man behind this operation; he will personally see to it that you, the client will get the most from your experience. Lloyd, along with his wife and sons and daughter will guide you and host you at their camp.

About Pink Mountain Outfitters

Located near Pink Mountain in Northern British Columbia, Pink Mountain-Outfitters offers the finest in accommodations, new in 2011… flush toilets in the cabins. Of course for those who like to rough it there is always a log or two around that can be used. Ha ha ha!

For several seasons Lloyd and his operation have taken wheelchair bound hunters and successfully guided them to harvest big bull moose.

This season Lloyd and crew took out a hunter who with the help of his wife successful harvested a mature bull moose. His wife set up and aimed the rifle for him and he fired the specially adapted rifle by blowing through a tube. You can imagine the logistics in putting together a hunt like this. The challenges for all must have been enormous!

Every year Pink Mountain donates a hunt to the ATA fundraiser, all money raised is donated to the Children's Hospital in Edmonton.

The area around Pink Mountain holds lots of big moose. Just visit the Pink Mountain website to get the full picture and contact information.

Pink Mountain Bear Hunts

Each spring there is a flurry of activity up a the Pink Mountain Territory. You may ask why?

In preparation of the spring bear hunt there are many chores to attend too. Building spike camps, cutting firewood and bringing in supplies are to name but a few.

Ample supplies for all guests.

During one week of the spring bear hunt of this season, hunters saw more than 50 bears. The bear population of the area is very high, food supplies for the bruins is also plentiful. This translates into big, healthy bears, ready for you to take.

Contact Pink Mountain Outfitters

Moose, bear, elk, mule deer and wolves are the main species to be hunted in the area. Because of the remote location and the knowledge of the area, Lloyd and his guides will ensure you success. The guides are all avid bow hunters themselves so a keenly aware of the necessities required to host a successful bow hunt too.

Contact Lloyd to book your next moose hunt, book early as the best times sell fast (often sold out the year before). Be sure and tell him that sent you.

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