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All About Moose Alerts, Issue #005 - Contest Reminder
November 13, 2012


Welcome to this issue of the All About Moose Alerts Ezine.

You'll always know when a message is from me by looking for [All About Moose Alerts] in the subject line or the "The Moose Man" in the "from" email address.

In This Issue:

Contest Reminder

Contest Entries

This Edition of Moose Alerts finds many of us thinking about Christmas. Yes Christmas is just around the corner... already! If you are looking for gift ideas for the hunter in your family or for yourself, be sure to visit the hunter gifts page for a few suggestions.

Did you have a successful hunting season? Did you harvest something?

We weren't so lucky! I had gone out on an archery only hunt and although I saw eleven bull moose this year, I just wasn't able to put it together. However: I was able to capture this 50+ inch bull on film.

Be sure to refer to our moose recipes page for recipe ideas and to share your recipes with us.

The Moose Photo Contest Started September 16th, 2012 (ends April 30, 2013)

Well, the contest is well under way now... as of today we have 19 entries. Check them out and enter yours too!

Enter the Moose Photo Contest

This year we have some fantastic prizes. Be sure to collect your best live moose and moose hunting photos (not limited to moose) to enter them in this contest.

The Moose Photo Contest has three categories of prizes:

  1. Grand Prize
  2. Second Place
  3. Several Random Prizes

Contest Sponsors: Spypoint Trail Cameras, Badlands Backpacks and Sikta Gear, to name a few.

Over $800.00 in prizes to be won!

Visit the contest page for prize details

It's easy to enter... Just share your pictures and tell us about what we see (50 words minimum) Tell us about what is happening or has happened.

Everyone loves to see moose photos... share yours!

Contest runs until April 30, 2013... With this many prizes to offer, you have good odds for winning this contest. Get your photos in for a chance to win!

Here are the links (listed by date new - old) to a few of the contest entries...

there are many more of course...

The fleece jacket we were going to offer up for a prize, will be available for the next contest. I have been too busy to start a new contest so we'll hold onto it for now. Sorry to disappoint those who wanted a chance to win it... but your chance will come again.

All the best,
Mark Allardyce
"The Moose Man"

PS: Feel free to forward this Ezine to your friends.

PPS: Please help us to become the "BEST" moose resource on the web by submitting your stories and sharing your knowledge. Always updating with new recipes, pictures, hunting tips and stories.

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