Moose Photo Contest

Welcome to the All About Moose Photo Contest. This year we will be offering some fantastic prizes. Be sure and collect your best live moose and moose hunting photos (you and your trophy) as you can this year. You will be able to enter them in this contest.

The moose photo contest will run from September 16th 2012 until April 30, 2013, this should give you ample time to go through your digital photos and submit up to four pictures per entry. You may enter as many times as you like.

Moose Photo Contest Winners

Moose Photo Contest Prizes

Two Categories To Enter

The categories for the moose photo contest are:

  1. Live Moose Photos*
  2. Moose Hunting Pictures*

*So not to exclude those of you who would like to moose hunt, or take pictures of moose we will also accept your pictures of other live big-game or of you and your trophy.*

You may use any type of camera to capture your digital image: cell phone, SLR, point-and-shoot or a trail camera.

First Round Pick: Each Category Will Have A Winner
The winners in each category of the All About Moose Photo Contest will be chosen by the number of unique positive votes and comments received per entry.

Second Round: Grand Prize Winner
The GRAND PRIZE winner will be chosen from the winners of the two categories. The grand prize winner will be chosen by the administrators and our sponsors.

Second runner-up will also receive some great prizes!

Sitka Gear - Turning clothing into gear

Random Prizes: There will also be a few random prizes for you!

We encourage you to make use of social networking (IE: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) to spread the word about your entries.

Share your best pictures of live moose and moose hunting with us. They don't need to be professional quality, the pictures can be taken with your trail cameras, cell-phone or any digital camera.

Have you got a photograph of live big game or a trophy, that you took with your 35mm camera that you would like to enter? Have it scanned or use the contact us form and we can set you up with our mailing address so you can mail it in… we can scan it for you.

Having problems uploading your contest pictures. Contact us and we can help you do that.

Please include some detail about your moose pictures* that you enter. Tell us the story behind what is happening, or how you came to take this particular picture. At least 50 words… yes that is only fifty.What we are interested in for this contest is your pictures, not your ability to write. :-)

Moose Photo Contest Spypoint Trail Camera - Main features: 5.0 Megapixel, 35 infrared LEDs, 5 zone sensor, Date, time, temp. and moon phase stamp, Camera and video, modes, Operates on 6 AA batteries, Item Description: Smaller and easier to handle than most game cameras, the IR-5's multi-shot setting takes 5-megapixel color photos in 4-photo bursts by day and bright 35-infrared LED black-and-white photos at night. Remove the internal camera and switch to the video mode setting to record footage of your hunt. Very fast trigger speed with the all-new 5 zone sensor.  At only 4.5" x 6.8" x 2.8", the IR-5 is easy to set up anywhere. It operates on 6 AA batteries or a rechargeable lithium battery pack (not included). Date, time, temp. And moon phase stamp automatically printed on each photo. Store footage from the IR-5 on removable SD/SDHC cards as large as 32 GB (not included). Camera includes 12V power jack, mounting strap, USB cable, and video cables.

What Types of Moose Photos?
Pictures of live moose and your moose hunting pictures.

We would love photos that include moose… with or without you, but, not to exclude anyone, we will also accept other big game pictures.

The moose pictures must be your own (or you have permission to use) and not subject to copyright. Any pictures that are submitted and found to be "hacked from someone" will be disqualified and removed from the contest immediately.

Enter your: calf moose pictures, cow moose pictures and your Big Bull Moose pictures. Big or small, share them! Also: As I previously mentioned, we will not refuse quality pictures from other species of big game.

Moose Photo Contest Badlands Ambush Fanny Pack

Prize List



  • Sitka Gear Traverse Hoody - donated by Sitka Gear and All-About-Moose
  • Bow String Sling donated by Stringsling
  • Trigger Effect Hunter Orange Hat - donated by Trigger Effect TV
  • Rib Cage Spreader - donated by Muskie Moose
  • Runlock Hunting Set – donated by Texsolv the owners of Runlock Rope
  • Wyoming Knife – donated by All-About Moose


  • Moose/Elk game bags - donated by Trigger Effect TV
  • Trigger Effect Shirt - donated by Trigger Effect TV
  • Sitka Gear Caps
  • Caps from Big Country Outfitters

Thank you for participating in the moose photo contest! 


Thank you to all who participated! Stay tuned for the winner announcements and for future contests!

Please do us a favor, and share this page with your friends!

Contest Winners:

Grand Prize:
Moose Love and Play

Second Prize:
First Big Moose

Runners Up:  by Steve by Curt by Tom by Mike by Robert R.  by Carl by Robert H

Some of the entries (of 43) have been moved to relevant pages. IE: Calf moose entries have been moved to the calf moose page, moose pictures to the moose pictures page, hunting stories to moose hunting stories page, etc.

Shared Moose Photos and Stories

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I always try to scout out my hunting ground, so I have a fairly good idea of what's there. It makes choosing which blacktail deer I have the hot's for …

Final Moose Hunt Together 
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Hunting is Something Special 
HUNTING IS SOMETHING SPECIAL This fall my two sons and I went on a successful archery moose hunt in Ontario Canada. As I was sitting a fallen …

DIY Pop-up Moose Decoy 
Although the pictures are of a pop-up turkey decoy the process is the same. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the pop-up moose decoy.

Goat Hunting is Fun 
Goat hunting is quite fun mainly because you are moving and gaining altitude. Those goats I saw last weekend have never been hunted, so fairly easy to …

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I've been applying for my moose hunting license for 27 years without any luck. I should point out that every year there is annual draw in New Brunswick …

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