Blacktail Deer Target List

by Steve Kane
(Courtenay, BC, Canada)

A Very Nice Blacktail Deer

A Very Nice Blacktail Deer

I always try to scout out my hunting ground, so I have a fairly good idea of what's there. It makes choosing which blacktail deer I have the hot's for that much easier.

However it doesn't make getting him any easier..LOL

I just wish we had Moose here on Vancouver Island.

Steve, Thanks for sharing your trail cam pictures of the blacktail deer bucks. Those are certainly a couple of nice deer.
I love how the bigger of the two wears his ownership sign. lol

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Feb 02, 2013
Bow hunting methods for Blacktails
by: Steve (Buckee)

I have found that although Blacktails may be different than Whitetails if a few ways, the hunting methods are the same. Tree-stands, and ground-blinds are my favourite as well as the occasional still-hunt.
My favourite two sayings while hunting with a bow is, "Stick & Stay, Make er pay" or "Get out while the Gettin's good"
"Stick & Stay, Make er pay" - Simply means to have patience. If you've scouted out the erea, and are confident you've put your tree-stand or ground-blind in a good location, then it's just a matter of having patience, and sticking it out. It will pay off.
"Get out while the Gettin's good" - Is an expression I use as much as the first one. When nightfall is setting in, and you've only got a few minutes left of legal shooting time left, but you see deer shadows coming across the field off in the distance, the best thing to do, is gather your stuff, and sneak out, so as not to give away your position. It's better than having to sit there in the dark, watching deer out in front of you, that you can't legally, or otherwise shoot at, for an extra 20minutes to a half hour, while your buddy's sitting in the truck wondering what's taking you so long ..LOL.
The rut here on the island kicks in around November 15th every year, give or take a few days. The weather can play a big part in that also. I've seen some years where the rut goes off perfectly, nice and strong, when other years, because of milder weather and rain, it seems to be on one day, and off the next.

Oct 18, 2012
need help with rut
by: Evan

I am new to BC
Am trying to determine when the black tail on the coast are in rut.
What bow huntin methods do bow hunters on the coast use to hunt black tail?

Oct 16, 2012
I got him
by: Steve (Buckee)

I got him a couple of weeks ago. :)

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