Runlock Hunting Set

The Runlock Hunting Sets are Swedish products just being introduced to North America. This product line is innovative and very popular in Sweden.

The sets are available in fluorescent yellow and orange. The company is also developing a camouflage line of rope. Check back with us to see how this new line of rope develops.

The Runlock Hunting Set

The hunting Set consists of two parts. One is an adjustable dog leash that will fit any dog, with or without a collar. As a matter of fact the premise behind this leash is you do not need to leave your collar on your dog (risking getting caught on brush), the leash is integral with the collar. Watch the video to see how this works.

Runlock Hunting Set

The second part of the system is the hunters rope. 3.5 meters of No. 16 rope.
This rope works without having to know any knots at all. Once you learn to braid or lock the rope together using the easy to follow instructions you can tie onto you deer, moose, hog or whatever. Use it to raise and lower your gear to your tree-stand. Tie hunting gear down on you ATV. The uses are endless.

Follow this link to read more about the Runlock rope line of products or you can watch a video where I do a short demonstration to its uses.

Easy to Tie

Runlock Knots or Runlock Locks

A note to huntresses, show up your male counterparts with one of these sets. Tying knots made so simple, yet strong... and knots will not jam.

And guys, no need to try to remember complicated knots. Splice an eye in the end of your rope in seconds!

How cool is that!


The brochure shows some pictures of the product as well as it in use. If you have Adobe Reader you can download and read the PDF file.

If you do not have Adobe Reader you will need to install it first, it is a free download and you will find it here.


If you are interested in purchasing a hunting set please visit the Runlock Rope page, or if you are interested in becoming a dealer or distributor of Runlock Products please contact us.

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