Hunting Rope Has Many Uses

5 Best Reasons Your hunting rope should become your friend. Why is that you ask?

  1. You can use it to drag and tie your game.
  2. Use it to lift your bow or other gear up to your treestand.
  3. Hunting rope can double as a tow rope for your ATV.
  4. Use it to tie your dog.
  5. It could be used to save your life.

There are of course many more reasons you should have a rope in your hunting pack, more than I could reasonably list here.

I carry a length of 10mm diameter climbing rope about 10 meters (thirty feet) in length in my pack. I also have 2 carabiners so I can use my rope for some more technical assents or descents.

Mostly my rope is used for the first three reasons given above. As a matter of fact I use it almost exclusively for tying or dragging my game. A rope can be tied to your game animal in the center of the rope and then each of two people can pull to help even the load. This works well with deer sized game. With moose you would need at least six people, more would be better, or if you use your ATV to haul your game you cannot do this without a rope of some kind. Otherwise cut your animal into manageable sized pieces.

Another great thing is to add synthetic rope to your ATV winch. No more frayed cables and slivers or injured hands. I put it on my quad a few years ago, it works great.

If you have ever cleaned a moose by yourself I am sure you would agree that a hunting rope is a definite asset.

You can see here the value in having a rope, otherwise you have to put that moose leg up on your shoulder. Believe me, I found this out the hard way; do not go hunting moose without your rope. Having a piece of rope is like having your hunting partner right there beside you. Often, you will find that you will make use of the rope and your partner.

Have you ever hiked through the bush only to discover that you are cut off by a steep inclination, I have used my hunting rope in this situation to help lower myself rather than going back or finding a way around.

In some areas you are permitted to hunt big game using dogs on a leash. What happens if you stop for a break and you leave your leash behind, never to be found again. Your hunting rope can be used for this too, of course.

I recently discovered a product called RunLock. It is a Swedish product of manufactured out of polyester. Runlock consists of a series of braided loops that you can run together without tying any knots.

The brochure shows some pictures of the product as well as it in use. If you have Adobe Reader you can download and read the PDF file.

If you are at all uncomfortable with tying knots this product will solve your problems.

Check back in the spring of 2010 for my review. I am waiting to get some of this product to test it out. If anyone out there has tried this product or has any feedback please post it to the hunting tips page.


Well the product arrived and we have used it for a couple of seasons now (this is 2014)... Is it all that it is cracked up to be, YES! I can honestly say that I highly recommend this product. We were so taken by the product we signed up to be the exclusive dealer in North America.

Get some for your hunting pack and for your friends. You can order direct in North America from us.

Watch the following video to understand more about this innovative product.

The Runlock Hunting Set consists of two pieces. The hunting-rope (orange) and the dog leash (yellow and black. The hunting rope has a breaking strength of 580 kg (1276 lbs.)


If you are interested in purchasing a Runlock products please visit the Runlock Rope page for more information.


I suppose you are still wondering how a piece of rope can save your life? How about to tie a limb to your broken leg to enable you to walk out and get help? Ladder fallen away from your tree stand? Use the rope to repel down.

Or throw your partner the rope, he just fell through the ice!

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