My Biggest Bull Moose

by Robert Richards
(Canada NL)

My Biggest Bull Moose

My Biggest Bull Moose

A moose I bagged in 2012 of December month of 17th day with very little wind,once I arrived in my hunting area.

I walked to my lookout hill and scanned the country for about a half hour, never seen anything, but late in the season I don't usually take my moose caller birch bark caller but I took it this day and boy did I get lucky again.

So I made about 8-10 calls and stopped and about 10 minutes later out he walked out, checked with the range finder and it was about 400yds.

I got into position and nailed him with the first shot. I used a browning blr 308 with 180g bullet, plenty for moose if you know what your doing.

When I got over to him he was stone dead,thought I was quigly down under then, lol.

Then I had to clean him up which took about an hour all by myself, took a lot of work on the bugger but it was worth it.

Had to quarter him up in 4 quarters to get him out on my grizzly 660, I had to cross 3 brooks and got stuck multiple times and almost cut top of my finger off on the metal tag.

Took me 7 hours in total for this one, I use my blr 308 a lot when moose hunting.

I find it fits nice in your hand when hunting. When I got him out, he dressed at 500lbs and a total of 14 points for a big rack.

I will never forget this one, a moose story of my life.

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Great Job...
by: Alex Krizel

Lots of work, but looks to be well worth it. Congrats!

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