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During a recent visit to Babine Lake in Northern British Columbia we watched a cow moose and her two calves along the shallows of the lake. The calves ran and played in the water like a couple of children might play at the beach. I chuckled to myself as I watched because it was quite comical to view as they frolicked near the waters edge.

Six and a half month old calf moose

Six and a half month old calf moose
~ Photo Courtesy of Vince Crichton

Unfortunately... I was unprepared at the moment and did not take any pictures :-( It was was one of those moments that I will always regret. I am sure you have had those too! You know, where you had your camera but for some unknown reason you did not pull it out, therefore no candid shot; just the story to go along with it.

I have resolved to use my camera more since that time, and I am sure glad I did. I have captured some great photos since then. Let me make a suggestion to you. You likely carry your camera with you on a lot of occasions... don't forget to use it. I found it helpful to pull my camera out a take some pictures as soon as we arrive somewhere, that way the picture taking can often be dispensed with early on. This also serves as a reminder to use my camera.

Maybe one of you have great picture to go along with this little story?

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Mother moose protects offspring for how long? 
Hiking along a Montana creek today, early April, I noticed a cow moose in the brush about 25 yards away. I immediately turned around and vacated the area …

Moose Calves 
We awoke this morning January 1, 2021 to this beautiful baby moose in our backyard. Our cat Maxi was very curious. They got on quite well. Just love this …

Mother and older calf, almost her size 
We have two pair of mother/daughter moose. They have been frequenting our cabin up above Alma, CO. We live at 11,200 ft. elevation, but only for 5 months …

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Came across a mom and her calf near home in Black Hawk, CO. Mom busy easy eating leaves and baby is curious about us onlookers. This must be a very young …

Our 1st baby sighting 
We go to Maine each Spring n Fall to photograph Moose. We always set a goal. Last Fall was to see full rack bull moose, this Spring, see our 1st baby. …

I hope its not abandoned 
This calf has been hear near our house in Two Rivers Alaska for about 2 days. There has been no sign of its mother but it does seem to be alert and it …

super cute calf and mom moose 
I got this pic last year on my trail camera, a Moultrie from Walmart. Only paid 50 bucks for it! It takes 6 D size batteries and last around 5 months, …

Baby Bull Moose 
My husband and I like to drive by Rock Creek in Clinton, Montana. This young man walked out in front of our truck. Being on the lookout for mom, I followed …

NEWBORN---Mom and I are buds 
Last June, I was visiting my uncle and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and as I walked around the corner of his house I encountered a mama moose chomping away as …

Vedauwoo Baby Moose Not rated yet
Vedauwoo, Wyoming is my favorite climbing area and we saw Momma Moose first really far away, then we saw baby. We decided to stay on the far side of the …

Cow and Calf shortly after birth Not rated yet
This pic was taken by me in a field off the gravel street I lived on not far from Kachemak Bay outside of Homer, Alaska In 2014. It appeared to me that …

Rescued Baby Moose - What happens next? Not rated yet
I recently seen a Video on a baby moose being saved from getting stuck in mud up to its neck. Momma was no where to be seen and the people left the baby …

Cow with 4 calves Not rated yet
Driving on a road near Salcha, Alaska. Mama moose walking with 4 very similar calves. As I got near they took off and then dashed for the woods. …

Moose Calf Just born in the previous two weeks?? Not rated yet
Can someone put a guess on this one? My son, Walker and I saw mom and this little guy on Butt Lake (Ralph Bice L.)in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, …

Baby Moose Visitor Not rated yet
We live in North Idaho. For the past few months we have had a very young male moose on our property. Not sure if something happened to momma or this is …

Over 770 moose are killed every year in Alaska. Half of those hit are cows that leave orphans calves to fend for themselves. Moose Mamas is a nonprofit …

Cow Moose with Four Calves Not rated yet
This photo was taken in Alaska (photo credit: Joyce Elmore), a highly unusual photo of a cow moose with four calves. The chances of a cow moose …

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One day last summer me and my daughter went out fishing for some nice speckals trout. As we were trolling around the lake I could ear in the bush …

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I was fortunate to capture these photographs of the birth of a baby moose calf right on my own property. What a privilege it was to witness such an event. …

Cow Moose with twins Not rated yet
I love this picture of the Cow with her twins. Too cute!! Baby Moose are very cute, don't you think? You can see the motherly instinct showing through. …

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