Cow Moose with Four Calves

by Robert

Cow Moose with Four Calves

Cow Moose with Four Calves

This photo was taken in Alaska (photo credit: Joyce Elmore), a highly unusual photo of a cow moose with four calves.

The chances of a cow moose having twins is between 0 & 4.5%; it would be highly unlikely that all four are from the same birth mother.

It has been documented that cow moose will adopt orphans (in rare instances) more likely however the birth mother(s) of at least one of the calves is nearby.

Cows and calves are often found in areas close to each other as the birthing grounds are common among moose groups.

Humans can cause a lot of grief when it comes to interfering with mother nature. When cow moose leave their calves while they feed they are at their most vulnerable time to us... and predators.

Humans are caring and seeing a calf moose lying on the ground with mom nowhere to be seen, oh so sad! Scooped up and taken to a game farm or veterinarian to be taken care of... bad move!

Happily most vets and game farm operators will return to the site of abduction and reunite calf with mom.

~ Mark

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