Rescued Baby Moose - What happens next?

by Chrissy

A Young Moose Calf Resting

A Young Moose Calf Resting

I recently seen a Video on a baby moose being saved from getting stuck in mud up to its neck. Momma was no where to be seen and the people left the baby as directed by the Fish and Wildlife department.

Once it was rescued they did come back hours later to observe the land and the baby moose was gone. I wonder if the momma came back or the calf wandered off on its own?

My questions are:

  1. Will the mother stay around until it died if it wasn't saved or would it get abandoned right away if mom knew she couldn't help it?

  2. Would momma defend it if she was near by or would she allow humans to try and rescue it?

  3. Would the baby survive on its own if the answer was that it was abandoned?

Thanks for your questions Chrissy, I'll do my best to answer them for you.
  1. Will the mother stay around...
    The dam would stay for some time and she would try to help the calf stuck in the mud. She would would likely stay close-by for a few days even after death but would not abandon the calf until it died. She was likely not too far away and looking after her own needs (IE: food and water).

  2. Would momma defend it...
    For sure, if mother was nearby she would be very protective of her calf which could result in serious injury or death of anyone approaching the calf. If there were several people they may be able to discourage the cow from coming close but they would have to be very wary.

  3. Would the baby survive on its own...
    Moose calf survival rate is very low (somewhere on the average of 30%), even when accompanied by its mother. If the cow was not close-by and the calf was not reunited with its mother after being rescued, the unfortunate reality is the calf will perish.

~Mark - The Mooseman

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