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All About Moose Alerts, Issue #004 - Contest Announcement
September 18, 2012


Welcome to this issue of the All About Moose Alerts Ezine.

You'll always know when a message is from me by looking for [All About Moose Alerts] in the subject line or the "The Moose Man" in the "from" email address.

In This Issue:

Contest Announcements

August Contest Winners

This Edition of Moose Alerts finds many of us preparing to go afield and locate moose. It doesn't matter if you are a photographer, hunter or both... we share the same passion. I wish you all great success this fall. Be safe and have fun!

New Moose Photo Contest Started September 16th, 2012 (ends April 30, 2013)

Moose Photo Contest This year we will be offering some fantastic prizes. Be sure and collect your best live moose and moose hunting photos (not limited to moose) as you can this year. You will be able to enter them in this contest.

The Moose Photo Contest has three categories of prizes:

  1. Grand Prize
  2. Second Place
  3. Several Random Prizes

Contest Sponsors: Spypoint Trail Cameras, Badlands Backpacks and Sikta Gear to name a few.

Over $800.00 in prizes to be won! (more to come!)

Visit the contest page for prize details

It's easy to enter... Just share your pictures and tell us about what we see (50 words minimum) Tell us about what is or has happened.

Everyone loves to see moose photos... share yours!

Contest runs until April 30, 2013... With this many prizes to offer, you have good odds for winning this contest. Get your photos in for a chance to win!

Free Hunting Gear Contest Winners

The winner(s) for this contest were difficult to choose. There were several good stories and some solid advice pointers submitted. Thanks to all who participated.

After much deliberation we chose Burns Lake Moose Hunting as the first place winner. We chose this story because the story submitted by Chris Johb was about sharing moose hunting with the next generation of hunters.

In second place the story Too Pee Or Not To Pee by Bruce Sheppard was quite funny as well as containing some great pointers.

Lastly Plan Your Dream Hunt by Carl Kozak is a list on how to plan a hunt of a lifetime.

If all of you would please contact me with your current mailing addresses I'll get the prizes in the mail. Runner-ups will receive a length of Runlock Rope as well as a All-About-Moose decal.

Also, anyone else who entered the contest, please send me your mailing address if you would like a decal mailed to you.

The Next Contest Postponed until Mid October

The next contest will begin when this one ends (around the middle of September) Mid October. The grand prize is a Polar Fleece Camo Jacket from Cabelas. The jacket can be seen on our Facebook page, just follow this link.

To win the jacket you will have to submit a moose hunting story and pictures to enter. The draw will be at the end of December so you have lots of time to think about what you will write... Hopefully you will fill your tag and have a success story to share!

If you don't get a moose this year, you are still eligible to enter. Tell us about your trip. What you did right, or wrong. We still want to hear what you have to say.
We can all learn from each others mistakes.

We will be testing out Spypoint Trail Cameras this year. Stay tuned for our review and hopefully some awesome pictures to be included. We will be using the IR-7C which is new to their lineup for 2012. All the best,
Mark Allardyce
"The Moose Man"

PS: Feel free to forward this Ezine to your friends.

PPS: Please help us to become the "BEST" moose resource on the web by submitting your stories and sharing your knowledge. Always updating with new recipes, pictures, hunting tips and stories.

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