150 Barnes and 180 Noslers for Moose Hunting

by Keith



I'm headed up for the first time to Newfoundland after moose.

I need help to decide on a gun bullet combo, I do have a 300 win mag with a break action I loaded up 180gr Nosler partitions.

It's not a great shooter no matter what I run though it!

I also have a 7mm rem mag that shoots well.

Is a 150 Barnes xxx good enough for moose I'm steering away from the partitions, or should I go to a heavier bullet?

I already have 150 in the xxx please help me with your thoughts.


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Barnes TTSX for Moose
by: Tim


I'm from Newfoundland and a yearly and always successful moose hunter (my wife, Father, and I are on a rotation to ensure we are always in a decent place in the lottery-style draw).

After trying a lot of different rounds, my ammo of choice is the Barnes TTSX, either in 150 gr. (use this one for my wife mostly) or 168 gr. This is due to the concept of a 'clean' lead free bullet combined with the so far exceptional results we have had with this ammo. Tiny amount less noticeable recoil with the 150's. We have not failed to get our moose with one round only in the past several seasons.

In almost all cases, a double lung shot with penetration out the back side, and the furthest distance a moose has walked after being shot is about 50 yds (this year, Dec. 21, 2017, was a head shot to a moose at 35 yards...). The furthest we have taken an animal with this round is 247 yards with a 150 gr. TTSX. Based on the expansion seen on this moose in the recovered bullet, I would feel comfortable taking a double lung shot out to 300 yards with this ammo and caliber.

Oh yeah, we use a Tikka T3 Laminate Stainless in .308 WIN.

However, for a quartering-on shot at 250-300 yards, I would probably opt for a faster caliber if we couldn't get the moose to turn broadside and if it was the last week of the season. Otherwise I just quietly wait.

A .30-06 has a 50-75 yd range edge on the .308 in TTSX in my opinion, a 7 mm RM or a .300 WSM I would also consider, with .300 WSM being a bit on the heavy recoil side in a 8 lb rifle (my rifle weighs about 8 lbs with a Leupold FX-3 6x42 mm scope).

I couldn't comprehend needing anything more powerful than a 300 WSM on a moose. Actually, I have never had a reason in 18 years (I'm 35) to justify using anything heavier than a .308, having taken moose with .30-30's, .303's, .03-06's and .308's.

I start questioning ethics on moose shots past 400 yards considering the high potential for a gut shot, and having witnessed this previously. There should be no reason that most hunters couldn't creep well under 400 yards to take a clean shot on a moose.


bullet load
by: ka-pow

Well I've looked in my Lyman 45th edition it shows a factory load at 180 jacketed bullet with 4350 IMR 72.5 grains then it's showing 72.0 grains of 4350 powder as an Accuracy load using a magnum primer.

I would use a Speer 180 grain pointed soft point boat tail.

I think you would find that accurate and if not then go look at a Remington 338 Cal in a Remington 700 these gun's are sniper accurate in a Speer 225 grain PSP boat tail using 4350 67 grains/ mag primers deadly accurate.

bullet weight for moose
by: Anonymous

We went to newfoundland this Sept and both shot moose. I used 150 grain Remmington core locks and they performed perfectly. Just put them where they belong and they will do the job. My Sako shoots these really well and that's why I used them. Enjoy your hunt and good luck!!

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