1993/94 World Moose Calling Champ

Yes, I would shoot a World Record Moose.
I am a two time World Champion Moose Caller & although I have shot many Moose, mostly Calves, I don't have a real nice Trophy Moose Rack to show for my Title I hold.
I have taken what you might say or call "Bullwinkles"
But it sure would be nice to have a real nice Trophy to display in my Rec Room & have something real nice to brag about.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hunting, whether I take a critter or not, just being in the great outdoors is totally awesome.

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World Moose Calling Champ
by: Mark - Site Owner

Thanks for your comments Buckee.

Thankfully there are many more "meat" hunters than trophy hunters. I think the stigma that has been built around trophy hunting is in part to blame the bad or negative press that hunters receive.

The general public are often mislead by the anti's who would have the world believe all hunters are either interested in hanging antlers on the wall or selling bear paws and gall bladders to Asia.

As hunting enthusiasts we need to be diligent in following the rule set out by our conservation regulators and educating the non hunting public about how we as hunters actually are the sole reason we have game enhancement and populations controls in effect.

World Moose Calling Champ
by: Steve Kane(buckee)

I agree completely. Hunting isn't about taking a Trophy at all, but to experience the great outdoors to it's fullest. If a trophy or smaller happens to present itself, then that is just an added big bonus in my book. Having something for the wall has always appealed to me too. Even though I don't consider myself a trophy hunter, it's always a pleasure to have a specimen of God's wonderful Art hanging on my wall. I have a couple of beautiful deer mounts, an awesome antelope, and an ugly and yet so pretty (lol) wild boar on my walls, along with a few other critters and I am very proud to display them for their awesome unique beauty, captured for all time on my wall.

Happy Huntin

Thanks Champ
by: Mark - Site Owner

Well at least one hunter is willing to say what he/she thinks regarding this subject.

I appreciate the fact that some hunters don't want to come right out and admit they are trophy hunters...

So lets hear from those like me and the champ, who just hunt for the love of the sport.

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