2020 Moose Hunt Success

by Denny

Terry with his 2020 moose

Terry with his 2020 moose

Terry and I left Victoria on September 27th and set up camp the next day at the same spot we have been going to for the last 15 years. But this time it was different as they were hauling steady on ***** Lake Road. We had to follow logging trucks in and out of camp. We could hear the machines cutting at 4am way back behind our camp. The road was solid mud and was pretty treacherous in some areas. We actually slid down the bank one time and a logging rig pulled us out. We even saw a logging truck slide right off the road and lost his load. We had to carefully pass it so we didn't end up down the bank as well. We did not go up to where they were logging as we knew that the road went right through and we didn't want to risk going off the road again.

Okay, lets talk hunting. We saw 3 cows and 2 young bull moose, 1 fork and the young bull Terry shot. We had been calling at a spot early in the morning for about a half hour when I got a call back. He started coming in for about 10 minutes and then nothing! You know all about that. The wind up there is challenging at times. So we went back to camp and regrouped and headed back there in the late afternoon and as we were driving down an old logging road 2 miles before where I was going to call, a young paddle bull was standing on the side of the road feeding on the willows. So that was it. I didn't get a chance to call again. Terry shot the moose on October 5th and we headed home on the 7th.

As for other game we saw 5 deer, no mice, no coyotes...not even a howl, no wolves, no rabbits and not many grouse.

Except for the muddy roads we had a pretty good and successful moose hunt.

Hope you and your family are well and staying healthy.

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