.270 vs .30-06

by Cal
(Slave Lake, Alberta)

Barnes Bullet Recovered from a Moose

Barnes Bullet Recovered from a Moose

I too use a .270 win for most of my moose hunting, using 150 grain Corelocks I can break the shoulder blade and still take out the lungs if I need to. I've also owned a 30-06, .308, and .303 as well and have never met a moose that could tell the difference between them.

Mine is a Ruger 77, stainless laminate, and topped with a 2-7 scope. I jokingly call it "my long range rig", as most of my other rifles are geared more towards hunting big timber. With its moderate calibre, barrel length, and scope it will handle just about any species in and terrain that you want.

Cal, thanks for sharing. All three rifle calibers you list are popular moose cartridges, and as you mention, are more than capable to bring down a moose with a properly placed shot.
And I must say, that a properly placed shot is always prudent no matter what caliber rifle you shoot.

A .416 Rigby is just as capable of wounding a moose as is the .30-30 carbine. Yet both are capable of one shot kills too.

~ Mark

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Cool Kids.
by: Exophysical

Yep, its cheap, but it gets the job and done unless pushed at very high velocity will hold together on a shoulder shot. I didn't realise the credibility of my statement was effected by the price of the bullets, I've used more expensive bonded bullets in the past... can I hang out with the cool kids now?

Use Better Ammo
by: Garry

I think you are most likely correct with your 270/30-06 comparison, however your statement would hold more punch if you used premier ammunition. Corelock is pretty cheap ammo. Use any other like Nosler or Barnes you would see much better knock down power. It is not always about the caliber.

My Point.
by: Cal

My point Mark, was that I don't feel that the .270 is any more limited than a 30-06 or even the 7mm mag for that matter. None of them carry enough extra energy that a moose is likely to notice on a regular basis, and with the right bullets all of the mentioned calibers get more than enough penetration. Until you get into a real cannon... a .270 will do as well as anything else.

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