270 WSM

by Ed Maracle
(Mary'sville, Ontario, CANADA)

270 WSM is flat shooting and hard hitting. I like 150gr Winchester XP3. I have a Tikka T3 Lite.
When moose hunting I like to walk relatively long distances and some of the terrain is up and down.

The lighter gun makes for a much more pleasurable hunt.

Thanks for the input Ed. Have you tried the 130 grain bullet in the 270 WSM? I am curious as to how accurate this bullet is coming out at magnum velocities.


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130 gr
by: Mark H

I've hunted with many guns for moose. I use a Finn Lite now, I'm getting too old for a heavy gun.

The 270wsm is fantastic, I shot the last four moose with it. I've only used 130 gr, range up to 235 so far one shot each time. Furthest after hit went thirty yards!

.270 wsm
by: Anthony T

First moose! 390 yrds. 150 grain bullet. Tikka .270 wsm the best.

270 WSM Tika
by: Tom Thumb

I own a Tikka T3 in stainless Steel. the is the best rifle I have owned in 40 years. It has a great trigger and is guaranteed to shoot sub MOA. this equates to groups less that 1" center to center at 100 yds. I always laugh when I hear AR15 guy talk about the Colt CRP 223 with a heavy barrel that shoots sub 2 MOA (2" at 100 yds). It worth like double of the Tikka not including a scope on either rifle. The Tikka you can get for like |$850 the Colt like $1700 in Canada.

270 WSM
by: Ed

Hi Mark,

No, I have not tried the 130gr...The 150gr has more energy and is very flat shooting.


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