300 Wildcat for Moose

If anyone has a picture of a 300 Wildcat, please use the contact us form.

If anyone has a picture of a 300 Wildcat, please use the contact us form.

300 wildcat cartridges outperform the 300 Weatherby magnum, at the same time you want a caliber that gives the highest velocity with the least amount of power.

The small amount of velocity gained with calibers that uses a 100 grains of power compared to one that used 85 grains is not the way to go.

The 300 wildcats are a first choice, a second choice and fantastic caliber is the lesser known 8mm Remington magnum.

Another fine second choice is a 338 win. magnum.

All of these will provide devastating results out to very long distances, with the 300 wildcat having the greatest and flattest shooting range.

If the spot provides the ability to find the animal, use only bullets as good or better than the Barnes triple shock.

The fact is you never want to allow or sacrifice allowances for a compromised caliber.

Yes a 270 or 30-06 or 7 mag will kill, but what if the perfect shot is at 600 yards or more, and you have a 300 yard rifle?

All taking of game animals deserves the dignity of dying instantly.

The most important part of any hunt starts with the caliber, and just as important, the bullet.

The absolute least expensive part of any hunt comes down to the caliber and the bullet, never, never, compromise.

My preference is to use the same rifle on all game, no matter the size.

I've seen bigger exit holes from a 30-30 than a 300 mag.

Always use the largest u are capable of shooting accurately, and spare no expense for the bullet.

As the one commenter said, watch out for the fellow who only has one rifle, he will be the best at what he does.

Think of yourself as a sniper of game, and a sniper always uses only one caliber, one rifle.

If necessary use recoil elimination add-ons to augment your comfort zone.

In 60 years of never missed hunting seasons, this is what field experience has taught me.

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338 caliber mag
by: ka-pow

yes I have to agree with you ive shot a Remington 700 stainless in 338 caliber at 100 hundred yards it's a one hole gun I use imr 4350 68 grains in a speer 225 grain pointed soft point that gun loves shooting that size of bullet. The last moose I shot was over 600 yards the 1st shot I was off but then I got my range he turned side ways and stopped in the middle of the cutline; pow one in the lungs he stood there whabling the next shot I put it to his head and shot pow' dead center in the side of his head' down he went I said to my self nice shot and that gun blow a hole straight through him lot's of power to knock big game down at a long range but you have to know your gun. like you said

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