30.06 Winchester?

by MW

.308 vs .30-06

.308 vs .30-06

In your article, you specifically recommend either a 30.06 "Winchester" or the Winchester in Short Magnum. I've been around firearms for a good many years (40+), but I must admit I am not familiar with a 30.06 "Winchester", can you please elaborate on this cartridge? Are the terminal ballistics anything like that of the 30.06 "Springfield"?

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you should also consider
by: gunsmith357

while the 30-06 is excelent and the 180gr premium head gives slightly better penetration and gets my vote, you might try the 35 whelen its the 30-06 case expanded to take 358 diameter heads. and they go up to 250gr weight for even better penetration, also try the swift a-frame heads. they are like the nosler partition but the front core is bonded for improved durability.

30-06 Winchester
by: Jeff M

I believe he was referring to 30-06 Springfield manufactured by Winchester.

30-06 Best Bullet Weight
by: Johnny D

I have shot 24 moose in my lifetime. I started with a 308, then to a 270, 7mm Remington mag, and the last rifle 30-06. I cannot believe how good a calibre the 30-06 is for moose. My last five moose have been one shot, usually a lung shot and they have all dropped in their tracks. I disageree with the 180 grain bullet and I use 165 Federal Trophy bonded tipped ammunition and I cannot state strongly enough, how leathal this combination is. I no longer shot myself and just call for my daughter, who has shot 2 bulls in three years using a Sako 85 Stainless Synthetic with you guessed it, 165 grain Federal Trophy bonded tip. Give up the bullet weight for the additional speed, it makes a huge difference. Her shots have also been one shot kills. Moose are not hard to kill.

A wording error
by: Mark

MW, you make a good point. The true name of the 30.06 cartridge is "Springfield" as they developed it for wartime.

Winchester offers firearms chambered in 30.06 as do many other firearm manufacturers.

As for the Winchester 300 Short Magnum (WSM for short), Winchester developed the cartridge and therefore lay claim to the name.

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