308 for a Moose Hunting Rifle

by Gerry

Moose Hunting Rifle

Moose Hunting Rifle

Gun Purchase Question

I am considering purchasing a Remington 700 VTR in 308. I was wondering if this rifle is good enough for my moose hunting trip to Newfoundland in 2013? I know I should get a 30 06 but I like the lesser kick form the 308.

Thanks for the question Gerry,

Although the .3006 is the most popular choice for a moose hunting rifle the 308 caliber is still a very good. In popularity the .308 ranks right behind the 06 and has been used to harvest moose for hunters across Canada and the US.

Many hunter choose the .308 for exactly the same reason as you, it's just so darn comfortable to shoot. The short action of the .308 also has the advantage of less weight to the firearm.

Just a couple of years ago my son shot a nice bull with a .308 Parker Hale. He dropped him with one shot at about 150 yards. As I recall he used 150 Silvertip bullets from Winchester for ammunition.
I don't know as the Silvertip would be my first choice for moose hunting ammunition, but that's an entirely different subject. lol

In short... you won't be sorry with the .308 as a solid choice for a moose hunting rifle.

Also you may find this helpful for picking your hunting bullets... best bullet weight for moose

The moose hunting rifle in the picture is:
A Tikka T3 Lite in .30-06 containing 180 gr Federal Premium with Nosler partition and mounted with a Leupold VX1 4-12 x 40 mm

Comments for 308 for a Moose Hunting Rifle

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308 cal. Does the trick.
by: Yvon Essiembre

I’ve been hunting moose for approximately 45years, used a 308 Browning BLR lever action for moose and I had no problem taking them down. Nice rifle, short, light very well manufactured. Best choice of my hunting life.

Yvon Essiembre

Savage Model 99
by: ~ Mark - The Mooseman

I recently picked up a Savage Model 99E in .308 caliber. It's the same rifle that my late father owned and loved. (Sadly his was absconded with by an in-law and never returned and we lost track of its location!) For those whoe don't know, the Savage 99 is a lever action rifle and the 99E model has a built in rotary magazine that is top loaded.

It's a light and easy handling rifle... if you get a chance to add one to your gun cabinet, you should do so.

I've mounted a Leupold Vari XIII 3X9X40 on it and look forward to putting it through its paces.

I haven't reloaded in quite a few years now and have been very happy using Barnes-Vortex ammunition, so I will likely start there.

The .308 chambered rifle usually perform the best with 150 grain bullets, therefore that will be my starting point.

It just works
by: Northeastern Ontario

I have taken four moose with my 308's - 3 with a Ruger M77 (2 using 165 Winchester Failsafe; 1 using 165 Nosler BTip) and 1 with a Browning BLR (150 g TTSX). My uncle who has harvested 20+ moose over his long life, switched from using a Winchester M70 30-06 to a Browning BLR 308 as his moose gun (he loads 165 Hornady BTSPs). He has taken 5 moose with this gun.

While I have since moved onto a 300WSM, I recently purchased a Tikka T3x 308 for my daughter. Her current load is 165 Federal Trophy Bonded Tips over Alliant 2000-MR (most accurate load is averaging an impressive 2838 fps). However, as this bullet is proving hard to find, I am focusing on finding a load using 150 g TTSXs - this projectile is what I would recommend to others looking for a 308 bullet for moose hunting in Northern Ontario (the typical shot distance within 100 yards with 300+ yard shots not out of the question).

308 for moose
by: Anonymous

I just picked up a Ruger 308 with the mannlicker stock, I love the looks of the gun and I'm hoping it works out. I also have a Tikka in .3006 BUT WOULD LIKE TO USE THE RUGER, anyone ever use one of these with the mannlicker stock?

308 for Alaska moose hunting.
by: Anonymous

I have shot at least 15 moose with a 308 using both 150 and 180 grain usually in a Remmington core lokt with good results from 30 to 300+ yards.

Nothing more needed
by: Manitoba.

I am a 3rd generation 308 moose hunting rifle user in my family. I have ate my share of moose meat and have nothing but love for my 308...

remington 700 stainless steel synthetic
by: Anonymous

try a 338 it is an all round fire arm and it will keep you safe

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