338 Winchester for a Moose Rifle

by dan buss
(qualicum beach bc)

Well I've dropped a lot of moose, some have run off, but none have ever got up and run when hit by a .338 cal. Winchester mag 225 grain soft point boat tail!

They stay put and the .338 if you're a good shot over a long distance you can reach out there and drop a moose easy at 500 yards and more. I've dropped one moose at around 600yards one shot through the lungs and the last shot through the left side of his head!!! That impressed me but I know my gun and what it can do.

If you're in grizzly country you just may one day need some firearm with some jam to get your butt out of a jam. I've been there and done that.

One day I was out looking around in the river bottom area for moose; after a while the hair on the back of your neck stands up and everything is dead quiet and you say to yourself… something is not right here; I'm out of here.

So back to the ATV, I got back sat on the bike and light a smoke then started the bike up and then 20 feet, right turn back on to the cut line STOP!!!! Jessssus… 4 grizzly not 40feet from me there stopped looking right at me!

I just froze, 3 cubs and they're as big as the mom and it seemed as to go on forever looking at each other.

The sow just grunted and turned left with all going in the bush.

That was the closest I've been to that many bears at once.

What a rush man o'man. So you just never know what's going to happen from day to day!

dan click the moose hunter

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by: Dan Buss. aka Kapow

Yup your right, once you have a remington 338 you’ll never want to shoot anything else.

by: Jeff in Alaska

The 338 Win Mag should be called the 338 Alaskan
Like you I have shot moose with 270 Win , 30-06 and 300 Win
but the best I have used is the 338 Win Mag.
My load for years the Swift A Frame 225gr and 71.0 of IMR 4350 has accounted for many moose from 50 to 500 yards.
For 2018 Sep season I will be in the woods with my 338 Win here in Fairbanks Alaska.

Happy Hunting
Jeff in North Pole

Roasts and ribs
by: Brian Fitzpatrick

Hi Rick:

Good to hear from you. I didn't get out this year. Again.
Seems like have spoiled hunting black tails from my 10 years with the boys and I lived at, now Haida Gwaii where I was logging.
Didn't the mention the fishing on purpose. Oh Boy!

I will get out next year but don't figure on a moose. Too far away up in the Fort St. John/Nelson country. A lower mainland deer will be fine.

I cut most of the fat away on moose ribs and do in the oven. Never heard of a tough rib.

I live in North Vancouver near Deep Cove. Drop by anytime you are over this way.
Glad to see you. Brian

by: rick

Hi Brian. We had a top round moose roast last night. TERRIFIC ! We did get the ribs this year and I agree they can be great if they don't have too much fat. I live in Victoria, where are you at ? cheers.

by: Brian Fitzpatrick

Hi Rick:

I have chopped ribs off the moose and was glad I did. Just a bit more to pack.
Where you from and where do you hunt moose or deer.

Some don't eat the ribs. Tasty

Thanks, Brian

by: rick

Great story Brian. cheers.

by: Brian Fitzpatrick

This isn't a hunting story but it is about grizzlies.

I was logging at Knight Inlet on the mid coast of BC in the mid 70's. (please take me back. I promise to be good)

Was packing the 4.5 foot extra long blade (bar is where I drink at)to fall a 12' diameter red cedar but wanted the longer blade to keep from the effort of tunneling and choking on the saw exhaust. I had simply tired of this abuse and packed in the long blade.

Naturally, I was wanting to take a short cut. Just my nature. I never seem to learn. Sure enough I figured to cut along the tidal creek which meandered along to the ocean.

The long blade on my shoulder and the 2 gallon tin gas can hanging of of the blade. Clank, clunk a clank as I walked along in the 3 foot tall tall eel grass or whatever was called. I'm a logger not a botanist.

Suddenly I smell bear! Whoa! There is only one kind of bear in Knight Inlet.
I freeze. I,m tuned in. I peek around slow like so that my neck bones don't get to squeaking.

20 feet in front, I see a 10' feet area or so of flattened grass. I have enough sense to hold my pose.
Suddenly I see the bears about 120' ahead.
Mom keeps looking back while shepherding her two year cubs.

If it had not been of the racket I was making I was probably about to be a pile of logger poop.

Whew. I still remember this as clearly as yesterday.

As far as hunting goes, I have a few memorable hunts on the coast. Mountain goats to Moose and most everything in between.
Have shot a bear. Not eat 'em, don't shoot 'em.

My favorite rifles: Sako Deluxe, .338, the latest Leupold Vari X-111 x 50mm with illuminated dot. Bought in 1974,
The other is a BAR, 7mm mag,with BOSS brake and again Leupold but a 3x9 x 40mm.
Bought in 1997.

There a few others, equally dandy but these two are my go to guns.
I shot a billy goat at 400 yards up hill, of course, couldn't figure to hold up or down, had it sighted in at 400 yards and shot a fair bit until my shoulder disintegrated.

Well, just set the cross hairs between between eyes. Rested on a windfall in the scree.
The scope was a bit too close for comfort. I told that goat this going to hurt me more than it would him. It did it.
The bullet passed between the upper and lower jaws and caused the horns to take a bit of a set.

My partner blew off 6 bullets and it was my reluctant to turn. Nice shot he said. I told him I was glad there was only one goat.
Great eating, tanned the fur and mounted the head.
Good times. Thanks for listening.

by: rick

I agree !!! 270's are not moose guns.PERIOD. 30's are find. But if you want a moose to fall down right there , you'll want a 338. period.

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