358 Savage Lever Action

by Clint

I`m experimenting with this rifle and the dies were hard to find.
As of now I have found 170 grain gives a good distance with a nice result.
Will let you all now how my findings go.

Thanks Clint. The .358 caliber rifle is one I don't know much about. After doing a quick Google search I can see that it looks like it should have no problem knocking down a big bull moose.

Based upon the .308 case necked up to .358 caliber
Savage introduced this caliber in it's very popular Model 99 lineup. It's a short action, heavy hitting cartridge. Ideal for thick brush and thick skinned animals.

I grew up shooting a model 99 in .308 caliber, I loved that old rifle. If I ever come across another I'll be buying it for sure!

I look forward to your updates on the .358 Savage.

Is it safe to assume yours is a Savage Model 99?

Check out this article by Craig Boddington in Guns and Ammo... http://archives.gunsandammo.com/content/the-great-358


Comments for 358 Savage Lever Action

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.358 win.
by: Anonymous

You can fireform .358 win using .308 win brass

356 Winchester lever action! 358 caliber
by: Steve J

Hi Folks,
Great discussion of 358 caliber for moose. I have a 1980s vintage Winchester model 94 lever action Big Bore. I shot one bull out on the lake 5 years ago in Northern BC. Bang, done. Basically a harder hitting 308 with 200 grain FYX flextip bullet. Works great. Use it for bear, deer moose etc.
It doesn't kick too much, comparable to 3006.
I can use a variety of calibers, 3006, 375 Ruger ( now thats a thumper), 4570 marlin. But I like the carryability of the model 94 cause its short and compact. I got other moose with those calibers too.
My moose hunting buddies do fine with 308 and 270 winchester. So depends more on the hunters ability as long as its a medium or bigger caliber. Good luck hunting, get out there is whats important and teach others to hunt, be inclusive so the tradition and firearms can be passed on!

by: Lavern

I own 358 winchester in browning blr, this gun is best in cabinet. I shoot with and stay in their tracks. If I had only knowed about this caliber 40 years ago!


Ammo for Savage 99 in 358 Win
by: Anonymous

In another All About Moose thread I mentioned having a Savage 99C rebarreled to 358 Win. The current ammunition situation is problematic, pretty much limited to loads suitable for whitetail deer. However, Buffalo Bore offers a load using the Barnes 225 gr. TSX FB, advertised as suitable for "ANY North American game at ANY angle." (EMPHASIS in original.) Ordered directly from the manufacture, the price is almost 3 USD a round! Check out the site: https://www.buffalobore.com
Given that, I have my own private stash of Barnes 225 gr. .358" TSX FBs, Winchester brass (with ordering from Starline as a backup plan), and will be handloading for my 99C for moose in Newfoundland. I welcome any input from any hunters using the Savage 99 in 358 Win. for moose.

Randloaders Cartridge
by: Knight

.358 Win is a great handloaders cartridge, simply a necked up .308 Win, so plenty of brass available and an adequate selection of .35 cal bullets.

I like the 225ge Sierra GK, and 225gr Nosler Partitions.

Unfortunately Hornady is currently the only manufacture to still provide (1) selection of factory ammo 'in limited quantities', a 200gr Interlock SP. A decent deer bullet, but low SD & BC for anything bigger IMO.

.358 Winchester
by: Sean

I purchased a Remington XP-100 in a .35 cal. Remington. For those of you who don't know, the XP-100 is a bolt action pistol that Remington use to make. Upon the purchase the barrel and the nylon stock were thrown away. A new kevlar stock was bought and the purchase of a new 15 1/2 barrel chambered in the ".358 WINCHESTER" was made. A leupold scope was mounded. A Bipod attached, a sandbag under the butt, shooting off a bench. Sighted in 3 inches high at 100 yards, dead on at 200 yards and 14 inches low at 300 yards. I have shot many deer out to 300 yards. I am NOT EXAGGERATING at all. 95% of the deer dropped in their tracks. This pistol is not something you are going to go plinking with, as it will cause pain to the hand. I believe the .358 will drop moose in their tracks, without no doubt.

Savage 99 lever actions
by: Curt R

I suspect the .358 ammo will be a much rarer ammo than .308

As such, harder to find as well as more expensive.

I just checked with Cabela's and a local sporting goods store and they had no .358 so I didn't even ask about pricing.......no point. If it's not something they carry all the time, it's way more expensive than something they do.......like many and various .308's

Value of a 358 Savage
by: Anonymous

I have recently come across a savage 358 lever action model 99 series and it is in decent shape wondering what is value?

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