375 H&H and here's why

by Joe Jones
(Fairbanks ak)

Winchester .375 H&H compared to a Winchester .3006

Winchester .375 H&H compared to a Winchester .3006

I hunt moose in Alaska and I take my 1967 Winchester model 70 375 H&H magnum shooting 300 grain nosler partitions.

It's blued with a wood stock, no fancy stainless synthetic or laminate.

I have a 2-8×32 vortex scope on it and it works for me.

Here's why.
I own 5 guns, 375 H&H, 243 Winchester, Browning 22 long rifle, 28 guage Beretta, and a 12 gauge Remington. These guns do it all from coyotes, and deer, to dangerous game, and quail to geese. Throw in squirrel and rabbit as well.

The 375H&H is my choice for moose in grizzly country. It's adequate to overkill on moose but just the right medicine if you surprise Mr or Ms grizz.

Can a smaller caliber get the job done? Absolutely. But it's what I have, I shoot it well, and it's got enough power to save me if I was to run into that 1 in 100 grizzly that thinks I look edible.

I'm no sniper wannabe, I keep my shots to 300yds or less and the 375 H&H keeps moose meat in the freezer.

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I'll 2nd the 375
by: Pete

I'm taking a 375 Ruger Guide Gun on this years moose hunt in Newfoundland. My hunting rifles are .22 rimfire, 308 Win, 45-70 and 375 Ruger. Both the 45-70 and 308 would both work fine, but the extra penetration and range of the 375 are worth carrying the extra pound it weighs. Shots inside 300 yds for me as well.

remington 700
by: Anonymous

Yup insurance is the best bet! I'm a 338 guy, 225 grain Speer boat tail it slams them. But a 375 H&H, I like it. A 700 Remington does it for me... kill's anything you see!

Well Said
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Joe, thank you for sharing your opinion. You made valid points.

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