375 H&H and here's why

by Joe Jones
(Fairbanks ak)

Winchester .375 H&H compared to a Winchester .3006

Winchester .375 H&H compared to a Winchester .3006

I hunt moose in Alaska and I take my 1967 Winchester model 70 375 H&H magnum shooting 300 grain nosler partitions.

It's blued with a wood stock, no fancy stainless synthetic or laminate.

I have a 2-8×32 vortex scope on it and it works for me.

Here's why.
I own 5 guns, 375 H&H, 243 Winchester, Browning 22 long rifle, 28 guage Beretta, and a 12 gauge Remington. These guns do it all from coyotes, and deer, to dangerous game, and quail to geese. Throw in squirrel and rabbit as well.

The 375H&H is my choice for moose in grizzly country. It's adequate to overkill on moose but just the right medicine if you surprise Mr or Ms grizz.

Can a smaller caliber get the job done? Absolutely. But it's what I have, I shoot it well, and it's got enough power to save me if I was to run into that 1 in 100 grizzly that thinks I look edible.

I'm no sniper wannabe, I keep my shots to 300yds or less and the 375 H&H keeps moose meat in the freezer.

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Eastern Canada Moose
by: terrancebmarsh

Hi. Ive owned a Sako hunter model 375 H&H for over 40 years. Too many one shot kills on both moose and woodland caribou to count😃. We’re using the Hornady Superformance 270 grain pointed lead tip. They get the job done ! I still carry a few of the old 300 round noses in my pocket - just in case I have to do a finishing shot from 20 feet. Great gun = a plain old wooden Euopean walnut and blued steel hunter Sako with a great Nikon 3X9!scope. Paid less then $400 for this brand new combo back in the late 70’s. And my first box of Winchester 300 grain silver tips cost me $19.95 at Woolco store back then. 😂


Hey Terrance, the price 💸 of those cartridges will break the bank now eh!!!

straight shooting
by: Dan Buss. aka Kapow

Ya, I would love a 375 h&h but the cost is out of range. My 338 700 Remington flattens them out. I have never lost a moose even up to 600 hundreds yards so I'll have to stay with that one. Let's hope this year is good hunting. Like Ted peck used to say, "Tight line's and Straight shooting!"

by: Tim J

EfRed you have many great rifles to choose from. On the reasonable cost side there is the Weatherby Vanguard @ $649 from Sportsmans and the Remington XCR 11 for a similar cost. Both are excellent rifles.

Unable to Have a ,375 H&H
by: EfRed

Hail to the 375 H&H. I've wanted one for years - just something about that large bullet understressed at entirely adequate velocities. A dream for most uses.

My problem - other 375s. I went out to buy a 375 H&H about 2009. I found a Ruger Safari Magnum, beautiful rifle, but too barrel heavy for my taste (a problem which the same rifle in 458 Lott doesn't have). I handled a CZ, a sound rifle but a bit blocky-feeling. A salesman suggested looking at Ruger African in 375 Ruger. I walked out with the African - the rifle is so sweet, handles like a 30-06, and the Ruger 375 is a great cartridge. Very happy with that gun.

Just not a .375 H&H. So I'd acquired a 375, but hadn't sated the H&H desire, a problem that became obvious as the new wore off on my Ruger. A word of advice: always treat the basic disease, not the symptoms.

So, several years later found me searching the internet for a 375 H&H again. I looked at everything from a new H&H rifle to a Zastava .375 H&H. I came across a Mark V Safari Custom in .375 Weatherby. I also found the same rifle in 375 H&H. A wealth of choice that I didn't need.

After eating my liver from both sides for a week, I ordered the 375 Weatherby, because it will shoot the 375 H&H cartridge, and still give a 300 gr bullet 2800 fps if you need the extra 250 fps. The extra may be exactly what's called for in a great bear hunt. A very logical choice. I am very happy with this rifle/cartridge also.

The only problem is that, technically, I still don't have a 375 H&H. I'm now afraid to go looking for one, since I apparently lack the discipline to persevere for that cartridge, and have overspent my budget. I have two very good rifles in 375, like both of them very well, and still want a 375 H&H. Do I need another cartridge to reload for ? No! Does a 375 H&H rifle offer anything that a 375 Wby doesn't ? No! Do I still want a 375 H&H ? Yes!

I hope someone can benefit from my experiences. Personally, I don't know what to do.

375 H & H magnum. CZ 550 American Classic
by: Rk opny

My wife bought me this rifle for Christmas in 2018. I just wanted it, I only shoot paper targets but found out it enjoyable to shoot. I reload with Norma brass using 78.5 grains of Reloader 22. My best group off of the bench with a front pillow and a rear wedge. My best group at 100 yards with a Nikon monarch 1 x 4 x 20 was 3/8 " most of the other groups were around 1" + I just I would let you shooters know its just fun to shoot. I also have a Remington 700 Police chambered in 300 win mag which shoots 210 grain Bergers less than one inch at 100 yards and I also have a Remington 700 30 - 06 xcr 2 with an H S precision sporter stoch with a 28" Hart barrel which also shoots quite well. Happy and safe hunting and shooting to all.

700 remington
by: Dan Buss

yup 338 225 speer pointed soft point boat tail dead on i reach out 600 yards not to much problem . it will do a grizzly hands down. but 375 h&h ya their nice as well good insurance for grizzly. ive never had a moose walk away from me after being hit with the 338 there on the ground NOW.!!

375 H&H New Favorite
by: Skookum65

I recently purchased my 375 H&H in a Weatherby Vanguard and I love it. I had a 338 Win Mag years ago in a Ruger M77. Great rifle and cartridge so I'm not knocking it however it slapped the dog out of me. My new 375 shoots great with a shove I like. Very accurate as well. With the 270gr loads I plan on black bear hunting with it this year with open sights. I have a Leupold 3X9 I will put on later. Dreaming of a moose hunt in my future. My new favorite rifle and caliber.

Do your home work on the 375HH
by: Tim J

This is about the 375 HH, not the Ruger, Weatherby or Ultra Mag.

My experience in Alaska started with the 338 Win Mag in the early 70s which is a fine rifle but with the short neck just kicks like hell at the range. I had 2, a Sako and Ruger. The Sako was one of the nicest rifles I've ever owned.

My real story starts at the shooting range when a close friend let me shoot his 375 HH which was the beginning of the end for the 338. The next day I was at our local gun store trading in my Sako for a Remington model 700 Custom Gun Shop 375HH.

Since I'm a reloader I started doing my home work and found that the 375HH shoots as flat with a 270 gr bullet as a 338 225 bullet with less kick, just some reasonable push. Years later after numerous 1 shot kills out to 300yds I'm still shooting my best load with Barnes 270 gr bullets. 76.5 grains of R 15 powder, zero in at 3" high at 100 yds and your dead on at 300.

I'll 2nd the 375
by: Pete

I'm taking a 375 Ruger Guide Gun on this years moose hunt in Newfoundland. My hunting rifles are .22 rimfire, 308 Win, 45-70 and 375 Ruger. Both the 45-70 and 308 would both work fine, but the extra penetration and range of the 375 are worth carrying the extra pound it weighs. Shots inside 300 yds for me as well.

remington 700
by: Anonymous

Yup insurance is the best bet! I'm a 338 guy, 225 grain Speer boat tail it slams them. But a 375 H&H, I like it. A 700 Remington does it for me... kill's anything you see!

Well Said
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Joe, thank you for sharing your opinion. You made valid points.

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