45-70 Caliber Rifle for Moose

by Dave Alderson

Browning 1885 High Wall in 45-70 Caliber

Browning 1885 High Wall in 45-70 Caliber

It is agreed... Shot placement is the real deal.

I hunt Moose with a Browning 1885 High Wall in 45-70 using iron sights. You need to get inside of 200 yards for this. And wait for the broadside shot.

So far... No Moose has taken more than a few steps after the shot.

I hand load 405 gr hard cast lead bullets on 44 gr of 4189. This produces 2000 fps at the muzzle and about 3500 foot pounds of energy.

Sighted dead on at 100 it drops about 12 inches at 200 yards.

You need to practice lots, so you know exactly how much front sight to use. As well as use a range finder to be sure of the range.

This is my favorite rifle, caliber combination. I have everything else from a 270 Winchester to a 375 H&H to hunt with. But the 45-70 is by far the most satisfying, and fun to hunt with...

Thanks for your thoughts Dave. I know a few guys that hunt moose with a 45-70 and have had similar results to you. Myself, I have always been intrigued with the caliber. I almost bought a Marlin in 45-70 at one time, but I changed my mind at the last minute... ever since, I've been sorry I did that.

~Mark - The Mooseman

Comments for 45-70 Caliber Rifle for Moose

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by: Anonymous

I disagree highly with ur rookie comment

A 45-70 drops a ridiculous amount from 100 to 200 yards zeroing a 4570 at 100 is a very good idea taking a shot at an animal past 100 with a 45-70 would be a gamble. ...... As with other rifles like the 3006 it would make sense to sight a zero more than 100 as the drop is minimal 1-3inch drop (30-06) vs 12 to 16inches drop(45-70)

Don't sight dead on at 100
by: Dean BC

Unfortunately your sight line is straight but the bullet is not. Try sighting in at 4 inches high at 100 yards and see where it is at 2 or 3 hundred yards. Dead on at 100 is a rookie mistake.

by: Anonymous

Other than a 45-70, what caliber can you moose hunt with? I have had shoulder rotator cuff surgery and need to take care.

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