6.5 Creedmoor

by Chuck

7mm 130grain Barnes Recovered from a Moose

7mm 130grain Barnes Recovered from a Moose

My first moose hunt might be this fall. I bought a Savage Weather Warrior for Elk. Would this be an adequate caliber for moose?

Thanks for the question Chuck,

Simply: I wouldn't recommend the 6.5 Creedmoor loaded with 120 grain bullets for moose sized game.

The 6.5 cartridge is based upon the TC30 which is based on the .308 cartridge. The Creedmoor certainly has enough speed (similar to that of the .300 Winchester Magnum), but I would say that the small bullets just won't have the energy to do enough damage to take down a moose.

Now the 143grain bullet on the other hand, would do it! I know quite a few hunters that use and are successful using bullets as small as 130 grain.

If you want to use small bullets, you must be diligent to take ethical shots. There are lots of proponents for using large cartridge bullets like the .338 but as a personal preference I don't use such a big hunk of lead.

I have have killed moose with, .270 Winchester shooting 130's, .308 loaded with 150's and .30-06 spitting out 180 grain bullets. They all work... well!

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