7mm Rem Mag Browning BAR semi auto ejection problems...

by JC

7mm Rem Mag

7mm Rem Mag

Hello all.

I have a 7mm Rem Mag Browning BAR semi-auto which is showing ejection problems after the first shot and I just can't find why it does that... Any suggestions?

I have got it checked by a gunsmith who replaced the recoil spring (with a lesser strength spring), but nothing has changed. It is still shooting the first shot well but then the cartridge gets stock in the chamber and keeps the second bullet to move.

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Stove-pipe jams in 7mm REM Mag BAR
by: RWMC

This rifle has stove pipe jammed after firing the Second round.
I then switched magazines and it did the very same thing again. This happened after I replaced:

1. Gas regulator
2. Recoil spring and guide rod and buffer assembly
3. Ejector and ejector spring
4. Extractor and extractor spring
5. Gas piston

I have a suspicion that the culprit may be a worn timing latch, which Browning has discontinued making and I have not been successful in finding a new/old inventory part.

So basically I’m afraid I have to shut my eyes and pretend I have a high-dollar double barrel rifle in 7MM REM Mag., recalls is only going to be good for one round in the chamber and one more round in the magazine.

Bar Owner
by: Moon

Had same problem with Bar 300 Win Mag. Went through the

Usual suspects..Chamber, spring....

At the end of the day, with the use of a go pro.. the brass

Was hitting the Windage Turret on scope and resulted in

A "stove pipe".... went to higher mounts..works mint.

It's not the rifle it's the powder
by: Anonymous

You have to use a fast powder for a semi-auto, the slower powders you use for a bolt rifle will not work as well in a semi-auto, because your specific impulse is to high. I use Accurate big game with no problems. Work up your loads. It is not the velocity that kills, it's your bullet placement. Be sure to use a well constructed bullet like federals trophy bonded tip, or the new federal edge TLR. two of the best bullets on the market.

BAR ejection problems
by: Tom

I own a 1979 BAR 30.06 rifle. After about 10 years I started to have trouble with the 2nd cartridge not chambering completely. If I removed and cleaned the gas piston with emery cloth the rifle would not malfunction for several years. It also seemed to work better if I started with 3 in the clip instead of 4. The gas piston cleaning became more frequent, so I brought the rifle to a gunsmith for a total professional cleaning. $50 later my BAR performs like a new rifle.

Bar ejection issues
by: Blade

I’ve had a 1985 model 30-06 Browning BAR for 20 years only ejection problem I had was caused by a dirty gas plug , clean the carbon out and make sure that tiny hole is open and you install the buffer correctly. Good luck

Ejection or extraction?
by: Rick

If the spent cartridge is being left in the chamber you have an extraction problem. You may need to have your chamber polished. An easy way to tell would be 1. Use a flashlight and look at it,it should be nice and smooth with very little to no scrapes or 2. is take a new factory round and polish up the brass to make it nice and shiny and then fire it... It should come out almost as shiny.. If it looks very dull and scratched up I would start looking to polishing the chamber.. And as others have said check the extractor, extractor spring and the ejector. Its common on the heavier magnums to break ejectors and extractors. And I would have your gunsmith replace that lighter recoil spring with an original or extra power spring . we see it all the time in waterfowl guns where a worn out or under powered recoil spring will keep it from running properly

7MM BAR ejection problem
by: Anonymous

Sounds like your ejector is worn or broken also check your extractor as it or its spring may be damaged or dirty. As always clean clean clean.

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