7MM WSM for Moose Hunting

by Bob Dragon
(Durham, CT)

7mm WSM for Moose

7mm WSM for Moose

What bullet weight/type do you recommend for 7MM WSM for moose? I will be reloading.

I would recommend using a 130 grain weight bullet for your WSM.

130's usually shoot well from any 7mm, magnum or not and are very accurate too.

As for bullet types there are many to choose from, but as of late I am leaning towards a solid copper bullet like a Barnes TSX or Barnes TTSX.

The difference between the two is the polymer tip. The TSX is a hollow point and the TTSX has a polymer tip, similar to the Partition Balistic tip.

You might want to try both types and see which one performs best from your rifle.

I have gone away from recommending any bullets with lead in them anymore. Why?

The main reason is health.

We are wanting to harvest moose (and other game) so we can eat natural meat. Untainted with chemicals and unhealthy matter.

Any bullet with lead content will fragment. Even if it is microscopic in size. We will ingest those bits of lead.

And we all know about lead poisoning.

Realistically though, do we need to fear lead poisoning from ingesting a few lead fragments?

Probably not!

But, I have chosen not to, and therefore I recommend not to have any chance of having them in my food.

Now that being said, up until now I have had very good success using Nosler partions bullets.

The one in the picture, dropped with one shot with a 130 grain partition from a distance of about 100 meters.

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Banning of Lead Bullets
by: Mark

It is true, most bullets do contain lead, have at the very least a lead core.

Lead shot has been banned (in Canada) for duck hunting for years!

However there are alternatives, which ultimately could proof healthier for humans as well as the environment which would include wildlife.

I have written some about the banning of lead bullets before.

We must be good stewards of this planet of ours and if we leave lead bits in our carcasses in the woods for scavengers to eat, they too can fall prey to the dire effects of lead poisoning.

by: kapow

Oh, I have never found a bullet, not even a piece.

These Speers pretty much do stay together, and I have never found any in my meat.

I'm just saying.

But don't most bullets have a lead core? It's like duck hunting lot's of people still use lead shot.

Lung Shot Only
by: kapow

I would agree with you if I shot the moose in the front end or neck.

But I put every bullet through the lung area, every time!

In one side and out the other.

So that means to me that I wait until the moose are broad side to me or if they're not they get it in the side of the head.

I am fuzzy where I shoot them as I do not do run-a-ways so if some how lead ever got in there it would be very minimal.

Most of the time there's a clean hole in and out!

by: Mark - The Mooseman

Kapow, your comment about not having lead in you moose meat simply cannot be correct.

If your bullet expands, it has fragmented. It's that simple. You might not know it, but there will be tiny lead fragments radiating out from the bullet hole anywhere from a few inches to several feet.

[This is especially true if your bullet hits bone.]

Weigh your recovered bullets and see just how much fragmentation there is. Someone is eating those missing bits, and it quite possibly is you.

.270 Bullets
by: kapow

Speer 130 grain soft point boat tail, nice bullet works well in my Weatherby .270 magnum.

Its flat shooting, but I do not like to shoot moose with it, but I have.

I have never had lead in my moose meat at all.

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