A Good Beginner Moose Hunting Tip

by Jim Clement

Moose Hunting Trail

Moose Hunting Trail

Every new moose hunter should know this moose hunting tip, to give yourself the highest chance of seeing a moose... Don't hunt the trail.

Over my years of moose hunting I have seen many ATV trails covered in moose prints and poop that wasn't a day old, and we have all done this, stay at that spot and hunt the trail.

What we forget is that moose only travel in open areas at night, and rarely will get on the trail before the sun is completely down.

My tip for this is when you find such a place (a trail littered with prints and signs), track the prints and see where the animal has re-entered the bush, if you find that spot, the animal is very likely to still be in the bush near by, as moose like to stay bedded during the warmer hours of the day (if you have been relatively quiet, your chances increase).

Once you have the spot, open your map or GPS and see if there is a stream, swamp or other hot moose spots in the bush. If so circle the bush until you get the spot with out following the animals prints. This way you are less likely to spook him away. And set up your scents, and cover, and wait...

Making a couple soft bull grunts, or female calls as you walk to your destination is always a good idea, as even if the moose hears you, he might think you are another moose and get interested.

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Novice Moose Hunting Tip
by: Mark - Site Owner

Thanks for the great tip Jim. Please feel free to share any insights you may have. Beginner moose hunters need all the help we can give. This is a very good moose hunting tip.

I have been guilty of doing exactly what you said, but I have also practiced tracking the moose as you suggest. I know too that moose do not frequent open areas during the daylight hours so as to avoid predators. This is why as you told us it is important to find the areas off trail where the moose will stay during the daytime.

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