A Hunting Story With A Smell!

by Craig P.
(Newfoundland, Canada)

I have to wonder? Do moose smell like fish? And Beans? And Beer?

I have to wonder? Do moose smell like fish? And Beans? And Beer?

I recall a story told to me by a friend of mine, named Joe. Apparently Joe had been lucky enough to draw a moose permit on his 2014 annual resident Newfoundland moose license application.

It was during this same time that a friend of Joe’s from the “mainland” called Bob was down visiting so Joe politely asked him if he would like to accompany him on a hunting excursion the next morning.

“Sure” Bob said.

So early the next morning after a night of indulgence in fish cakes (salt fish, potato, onion) and homemade baked beans washed down with copious amounts of beer, they set out to find “da big bull”.

Once arriving at Joe’s selected hot spot they get out of the truck and Joe takes point. Very soon they see very fresh moose tracks and it was at this time that Joe had to pass gas.

Always the one to never pass up an opportunity to “get” someone, soon after letting one rip, Joe promptly stopped and waited for Bob to catch up.

“You smell that?” he asked Bob.

“Yes I do, what is it?” Bob answered.

“That’s a Newfoundland bull moose in rut” Joe replied. “So stay quiet and keep your eyes peeled, we gotta’ be close”

As they walked, Joe kept passing gas and he continued each time to tell Bob in an ever more excited way, that the moose must know they were in the area and was hiding and that they were going to see him at any time, of which Bob was convinced according to the smell and Joe’s show of enthusiasm.

If only he could be a little more quite, maybe at any moment “da big bull” would appear Bob thought to himself.

Finally after hunting for a couple of hours Joe emerged from the woods on the road next to the truck and once settled in he squeezed off one more, a silent one.

Quickly he turned to Bob and said, “Do you smell that? Jesus he must have followed us out!”

“Yes I do” Bob said, only now catching on and feeling a little embarrassed, “But where the dam is he hiding to now, behind the seat?”

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Too Funny
by: Mark - The Mooseman

What a great story Craig... I honestly was laughing out loud at it!


Nice bull in the picture!

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