A Lightweight Moose Hunting Rifle .308 BLR

by Charlie Smith
(Massey Ontario)

Browning BLR _ <br/>Photo from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browning_BLR

Browning BLR _
Photo from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browning_BLR

I use a BLR, among other rifles...
It depends if I am going to do a lot of walking, it has range enough, and I break their necks, down they go like they ran on electricity and somebody pulled the plug!

I worked in a gun shop and a guy came in that I knew did lots of walking. Said he wanted a new moose rifle. I handed him one a nice little BLR .308. "Wow!" he said, "This is no bigger than a 30-30."

He looked at the caliber, "Does it come in a heavier caliber?"

"Sure it does," I said, "but it's no where as handy then, longer barrel, longer stroke..."

"But a .308..." he said, "You use a .308 on moose? What happens when you shoot a moose with a .308?"

I collapsed on the floor. "I am serous!" he laughed.
"So am I!" I said, "How dead do you want to kill them?"

By the way there is nothing intrinsically inaccurate about a 30-30. The Marlin for instance is a very accurate rifle.

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