Agitated Moose

by Boyd Winsor
(Whitbourne, NL Canada)

Two Moose in Meadow

Two Moose in Meadow

It was 1978 and I was in grade 9 when this one particular moose encounter of the up close and personal kind took place.

I was snaring rabbits and was walking through the timber cutting and making snares without taking any attention to my surroundings when I stopped abruptly as there was a large bull moose not thirty feet in front of me and two more bulls to my right.

I Was Surrounded by Moose!

Then I realized that I walked into a herd of rutting moose. I slowly backed away when I saw a small calf not ten feet away and the mother right behind me. She had the fur raised on her back and her ears were pinned back. She was one agitated moose.

Well I started into running and I can tell you I didn't stop until I got home.

Thanks for sharing your moose story Boyd. You were very lucky to avoid being charged by those moose!

An agitated moose is nothing to fool with. There have been many instances where people got too close to rutting moose and were severely injured.

Being surrounded by moose, agitated moose put you in a dangerous situation.

One kick from a moose can easily kill a man!

The cow was demonstrating to you by having her ears back, she was agitated. You did the right thing by getting the heck out of there in a hurry!


"The Moose Man"

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