Alberta Canada Fall Moose Hunting

by Wade Noskey
(Peace River. Alberta. Canada )

7mm WSM Cartridge (Sorry no 300 image)

7mm WSM Cartridge (Sorry no 300 image)

I have a Browning A-bolt in a .300 WSM, I also have a Savage model 111 .300 Win Mag.

I live in northern Alberta with a lot of heavy bush so my choice is the 300 WSM with 180gr or heavier.

Makes brush hunting easy, one can shoot through the brush and still make a kill shot.

Any .30 caliber for moose anything else is just playing with your life! At 300 plus meters I use the Win Mag... devastating power at that range!

300 WSM - Number One Choice

Thanks for your comments wade. Your choice and reasoning is valid.

(The 7mm WSM image is the only one I have of the WSM cartridge, can someone please send in an image of a 300 WSM we can use.)

Mark - The Mooseman

Comments for Alberta Canada Fall Moose Hunting

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Calibre of choice
by: Mulie Hunter

I've hunted in Northern Alberta (East Side) since the late 70's. My gun was always the .270. And never did I not have a moose go down. From 20 yards out to about 150. It's always interesting listening to folks talk about the best or only calibres to use, but one thing is for sure..... Know your target, have a clear shot and make it count. If you are comfortable with the gun and its kick your prey will fall. Using too large a calibre will bring other issues into the fold. I now have a large magnum .30 calibre but it has a brake so is easier to shoot than even the .270. However it has only taken a Yukon caribou.

To many charging encounters
by: Wade Noskey

I have a close friend i hunt with and his calling skills are a little to effective. You hear a grunt 100yrds out then boom bull is right there .kinda scary at first most times thr bulls are unsure which gives you the time for a clear kill shot but others they come from behind the blinds which leaves you with a split second to think and with the sun going down its not an easy choice to make but its do or a left handed shooter and used to use right handed guns till a reloading issue almost got me killed .call me lucky or just dont know when to quit. I love hunting and i do respect nature and the game we all hunt its just if you ever get in that situation never use a 7mm like caliber always try to have a 30 cal .play safe and pick the right ones

Hide behind a tree
by: Anonymous

If you are concerned about the moose killing you, hide your self behind one of those boreal forest trees you talk about and have wait for a clear shot and not through trees with limbs.

Hunt safely
by: Wade Noskey

If you have ever been up close to a bull in full rut you can't take anything to chance. 20 meters is close and in northern boreal of alberta you would get run down waiting for your so called clear shot. We would have another hunting accident that could have been avoided.

Clear Shot Picture
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Good call Carl. I didn't really notice that part of the comment.

It is imperative that all hunters take the time to have clear shots at the animals they shoot at.

We hunters are always being scrutinized by the anti crowd and should also be setting examples for new hunters. In order to make a clean kill the idea of shooting thru brush just doesn't make the grade.

Wait for a clear sight picture or don't shoot.

Shoot thru what?
by: Carl

Never ever shoot through brush if you respect animals, patience is what you should invest in not a high power rifle.

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