American citizen moose hunting Quebec

by Jake
(Buffalo, New York)

Moose Highway Sign

Moose Highway Sign

Hello all, I was wondering if you have to use an outfitter to hunt in Quebec or are there public lands where you can set up a base camp of your own and hunt from there. I tried looking into it but couldn't really find anything. Also is there a lottery for moose tags or can you just buy them online/over the counter?
Thanks in advance!

Hopefully someone from Quebec can fill you in.

I'm pretty sure in Ontario you, as a non-resident of Canada can buy tags from outfitters and go on a DIY hunt. But I am unaware of the rules in Quebec.

Good luck with your quest and be sure to let us know what you find out. It would be helpful to have the information posted here for anyone else looking for the same info.

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Ontario DIY
by: Jake

How does the Ontario DIY hunts work? I've read you have to purchase tags from outfitters, that much I know, but is the public land like down here in the states where I'd be able to set up a base camp? Or would I have to more or less lease hunting land off of the outfitter?

by: hARLEY

Sorry but Quebec just recently made it mandatory for all non-residents to go through an Outfitter to hunt moose.

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