Ammunition for Moose Hunting

I'm going to be hunting moose this fall in Canada and using a 30-06. What do you think about Winchesters 180 grain Silver Tip Ballistic bullet? Is that a big enough load to take a moose a 200 yards? Thanks for your input.

Thanks for your question.

Winchester has always made reliable ammunition for moose hunting and the silver tip bullet is adequate to do the job. Any bullet that has the capability to expand well at ranges you expect to shoot at will take your moose down.

While Winchester bullets would not be my first choice for ammunition for moose hunting, that may be more of a personal choice than scientifically based.

As I have said in my page about moose hunting ammunition, I prefer to use the Nosler or Barnes bullets.

As for using a 180 grain bullet, yes this is the exact weight of bullet I would choose and use. The 180 grain bullet perform very well in .30-06 caliber rifles so you will not go wrong using it.

The key thing a hunter must remember is at the end of the day it will be your shot placement that is going to make the difference. If you do not risk those marginal shots and are patient, take vital shots only and avoid wounding your animal you will be rewarded with a fine animal.

In short... yes the Winchester Silver Tip Ballistic bullet in 180 grain will do the job for you.

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