Archery Moose Hunting

by Cam
(South Okanagan)

Traditional Archery Moose Hunter

Traditional Archery Moose Hunter

First time moose hunter from the south Okanagan my father an I are planning our first archery moose hunt to the Babine lake area this fall.

This being our first trip north for moose I am wondering if the moose would be rutting more seriously in the September 1-9 bow season or more in the October 1-8 season?

I'm not an avid moose hunter, more of a elk hunter myself. Just wondering in your opinion when are the moose rutting more in the north?

Thanks for your question and the answer is simple... the moose rut doesn't begin in that area until October.

Last year (I hunt the same area, Babine) I didn't get any bull answers until the 3rd of October. After that I had communications with bulls and cows every day.

I went up 10 days before the season and only saw one bull before the 1st of the month. In total last year, I saw 11 bulls during the 8 day archery season. Unfortunately not within range or didn't offer a shot.

The 2011 was similar although I didn't see as many bulls.

I hope this helps.

BTW: There are some cranker bulls up there. A friend got a 51 incher in the same zone last year!

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Good Moose Areas to hunt
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Well you just might run into me in the area. We'll be camped at XXXX this year (at the main boat launch) about 1/2 way down the north side of the lake. That's pretty close to an hours drive from Smithers Landing.

My good friend Lloyd Hooper and his brother are owner/guides at Tukii Lodge, I usually try to get over to visit at least once. Watch for my truck and be sure to stop by and say hello if if you get over that way. We are almost always in camp between 1-2 pm and after dark.

As for good areas... so many to choose from.

Moose are everywhere really, you just need to find their home range and travel corridors. Use Google Earth and study the geography, find some secluded water with not-too-difficult access for you and start your search. Water, shelter and food... away from humans = KEY AREA

I think hunters do ok around Chapman Lake but I also think there is quite a bit of pressure there. There are a ton of small lakes around. Use your GPS to find them once you are there.

Try to find a spot where other hunters aren't going. Home in on it and start calling.

Last year I hunted from the same ground blind morning and night for 7 of the 8 day archery season.

I showed a rifle hunter friend the spot and he went there the day archery closed after and called in a nice bull. Too bad he wasn't paying attention! The bull busted him at about 25 yards, and he didn't get a shot! lol

Good luck'
See you out there!

Thanks for the tip
by: Cam

Thanks for the help Mark, looks like were booked in at the Babine lake lodge for the duration of the archery hunt Oct 1-8 really excited, any tips for the area would be greatly appreciated.

Not asking for ya to give away your honey holes just a general idea, if you have any good info of the area ??

Thanks again Mark, Cheers Cam & Marven

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