Are there moose in Maryland?

by Marion
(Baltimore, MD)

Cow Elk in Field (added by admin)

Cow Elk in Field (added by admin)

I was driving to work last week around 5:50am in NW Baltimore, near lots of wooded areas when I saw a very large, what I first thought was a deer but did not act as a deer would...

I saw the big image from my left, it stopped in the road on left side of road and waited for me to stop then proceeded to cross road. Walking not like a deer but all four legs were moving like a dog or cat would walk, not two fronts or rears at same time but like a MOOSE.... Its head was not small either, but like a horse. I have seen deer for years and now have some that come in my yard often. I live in city 21216 zip but near the woods. It was neat to see.
The question remains, are there moose in MD?

Marion, thanks for your inquiry.

I don't believe there are moose in Maryland but they certainly have come close to the area. They have been documented in Pennsylvania.

Moose would find the climate just too warm in the area.

What you may have seen is an Elk or possibly a Feral Horse. Did you know that there are Feral Horses in MD?

~ Mark - The Mooseman

I stand corrected...
Don wrote on Facebook: I live in Underhill VT and yes we have moose. Most years you can see them along the ponds on Rt.15 and the South hill area along River Road.

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by: Anonymous

Hi there this actually happened to me as well!
In Knoxville MD I called the wilderson wildlife center and they told me the same thing.

Moose in Hunt Valley/ Sparks area
by: Anonymous

I believe I saw the same animal in Hunt Valley area and yes it was not a deer. I also believe I saw a moose during the winter few years back.

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