Artificial Moose Scent

by Carl Kozak
(Hayward WI USA)

Ontario Canada prohibits using any animal based scent for moose.
I have three questions.

1. Have you ever used artificial moose attractant to lure in moose? (does it work)

2. If you really think it works, what company or brand of scent do you recommend?

3. How do you recommend it be used and when?

For example: Apply artificial moose scent an area in the bush known to hold bulls, to hunters clothing, watch for wind direction and hunter placement etc.

In Jim's comment below he is referring to code blue moose scent that is available from Cabelas in Canada.

~ Mark

Comments for Artificial Moose Scent

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Moose Scent
by: Jim Clement

I normally use cow scents simply to cover my own scent, but it serves a better purpose. For example, when I scout my hunting areas I like to leave cotton balls dipped in Cabelas Code Blue Cow Scent over night.
The next day (or 2) when I show up to my hunting site, I stay quiet during the Dawn (prime hours) to see if a curious moose is back in the area, but once the sun is up, I check out the area where I put the scent. If there are no new signs, chances are, the moose simply isn't there or is inactive, if new signs show up, I start calling. There are numerous reasons why I leave moose scent though,

1) it hides the scent I leave behind after scouting (no matter how much scent stopper you put on, you will always leave 'some' odor,

2) It gives you a good idea whether the moose in the area are active or not (if they are not interested in the scent, maybe you should try a chase or a stalk),

3) If a moose found the scent, hearing a call will make him much likelier to come back and investigate...

Overall, the scent doesn't bring the moose to me, it simply helps me locate them and learn their behavior and patterns.

by: Anonymous

Great response, Good information to consider. thanks

"Artificial" Moose Scents
by: Dave Kelso

I prefer to call them synthetic. The scents we make/sell are copied directly from real moose urines and semen. I see all of Canada going to nothing but synthetics in the next 2 to 3 years. I see most of the US doing the same in the next 3 to 5 years. Everyone is scared of CWD but no one can prove that urines spread it.

One of my favorite tricks is what I call "lighting up an area". I will go in the evening before the hunt spray it heavily with urine be it real or synthetic. Put out some semen scent and add some food/curiousity lure. If a bull finds the place during the night he will not be far the next morning.

Another situation is when we are caling a bull in the evening and he is not going to get to us before end of legal shooting. I lace the area with an entire bottle of cow-in-heat urine and slip away. The next morning he is never more than 100 yards from the site. Inspect the site of urine placement and you will be able to see where he has walked all around the area looking for his cow.

Great little tricks!

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