August Moose Hunting

by Pete

August Moose Hunting Northern BC <br/><i>Photo by D. Sirois</i>

August Moose Hunting Northern BC
Photo by D. Sirois

Going to northern BC for opening day, August 15. Do you have any ideas on how I should hunt the moose up there that early.
Going to be on the east foothills of the Rockies.

Early season moose hunting tips question.

Thanks for your question Pete. Early in the season like that (mid August) is going to require some legwork and won't be without its challenges.

Northern BC offers some great hunting opportunities for the early season hunter, the main problem you will face is weather.

Moose go into heat stress at temperatures above 65 degrees F (18C), when temperatures like this are occurring moose will seek out deep dark forests to avoid those temps. Because the bull will not be in rut you are going to have to apply spot and stalk techniques to find them, not so easy when they are hiding in the thick forests.

I would suggest hunting higher elevations as the bulls usually stay high to avoid predators and bugs early in the year before dropping down into the valleys and lower elevations closer to the rut.

High elevation meadows and lakes, cool areas, thick forests are all places you'll need to seek out. Find some fresh sign and concentrate in those areas.

Early morning, daybreak on and late afternoon are when moose will move IF its cool enough for them. Sometimes they only move during the dark hours and will leave meadows even before daybreak and when they come out in the evening they may only show themselves when daylight is almost gone. Be sure to stay out until the last visible light is gone, you never know what will show at the last minute.

~ Mark

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Way To Go
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Congratulations on your success! Got any pictures we can add to this?

by: Pete

It was awhile ago now but I did manage to slam a 10 point 56 inch bull opening day.

Day two we got a nice young bull so two wasn't bad at all.

Between the two we ended up with 520lbs of deboned meat and yes Mark, it tastes the best.

Next week
by: Pete

Thx for the advice .....if I didn't find a moose up high I may stumble upon a 6point bull or a caribou

Aug Moose
by: Stan Tarangle

Yes Bugs at this time of year are a Huge pain in the A$$.
Getting the quarters off the main body quickly and then being wrapped in Game Bags or cheesecloth is the best way to prevent spoilage.
Moose LOVE water so look for them in areas that is moist and the air will be a bit cooler. My Friend Kyle Bartels and I got a Nice Aug Moose last yr and I have harvested many over the years, it is hard to beat the flavour in the meat of an Aug Moose.
Happy Hunting

the east side
by: kapow

Ya, the blow fly's are nut's at that time of the year you better have a good butcher. Finding one up there just maybe your biggest challenge if your going to use 101 meats I would think twice on that one. To hang it in his cooler for a few days is best, and if you do; make sure he does not try and tell you that your meat is fly blown like he tried on me with no winning there for him.
This year I'm going to make a cooler out of plywood and styrofoam and then pack a small deep freeze, a Danby type and freeze two litter milk jugs and pack it around your meat then you should be good to travel home. Strait shooting

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