Beginner hunter

by Tina Clark
(Victoria BC)

Google Image of Pyper Lake

Google Image of Pyper Lake

I am a beginner hunter and we are looking at property to purchase at Pyper Lake. Can you tell me if the hunting is still good in that area? Have the fires had an impact on the wildlife? (Side note, I ordered your book and I am looking forward to learning more!)
Thank you

Tina, Thank you for your support.

While I can't speak specifically about Pyper Lake area, the whole southern Caribou has had dramatic loss of moose numbers. In some cases up to 75% drop in population.
There are many factors in play that have caused this drop: fires, logging, winter tick, wolves and unregulated hunting to name a few.

I hunted for many years (more than 20) in an area north west of Pyper Lake and witnessed a huge change in landscape and moose numbers. It became increasingly difficult to harvest our annual moose.
I'm not saying there are not any moose around Pyper, you may just have to work harder to find one... once you get an LEH draw, which, is a challenge in itself.

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