Beginner tips...

by Alex Krizel
(Allentown, PA)

He went that way!

He went that way!

My question is probably on the dumber side. Most of mine usually are. I am a total beginner, I have little hunting experience and I am going to go to western Quebec in late September to hunt moose with a longbow. What should I do, bring, consider, etc? (Told you it would be on the dumber side.)

Okay, a little more serious. I have always wanted to do a “big hunt”. I really have little experience hunting. I started about 5 years ago. I quickly realized that archery was how I wanted to hunt. Not long after, I realized traditional archery was going to be it for me. I have no delusions about my “chances”.

Quebec was chosen for several reasons.

One, ease of access (12 hour drive for me). Makes it easier in the off chance that I actually get one. Don’t even want to think about trying to get a moose onto carry-on.

Price was also a factor (I am looking about 1/2 of going to Newfoundland, even though NF has a denser moose population). I think this was a last-minute opening, so I got a discount. I haven’t found anything even close. I did check to make sure this wasn’t a “fly-by-night”, and it’s not. Been operating many years.

Also, I have talked to several people on bow hunting forums and they all agree that the fishing alone will be worth the price of admission (fishing license included with hunting license and you get a boat to use the whole week).

I do not measure “success” by killing.

I would be extremely happy to get close enough to snap a picture of a live moose. I would love to take the experience back and maybe return one day with my kids.

Would I take a moose given the chance? Yes!

But I would only take a shot under ideal situations as I have zero interest in wounding a bull mid-rut after pretending to be his love-rival and getting him pumped on testosterone.

I am also wondering what I would do with the antlers (wife already said “NO!” to any “wall decorating”).

I have a longbow, 52# @ 28”. I am getting another one soon, same make, only 80# @ 28”. My arrows are Al with a 100 gr insert and 200 gr broadhead (Hunor Africa, I have been back and forth with traditional heads, but I can never seem to get them sharp enough, the Hunors are pretty good in my opinion, they remind me of GrizzlyStik Nanook or German Kinetics, but half the price). Total arrow weight is just under 700 grain.

I’m pretty sure the gear is ok. I have some polypro undies from the army. I also have camo and other gear. It’s just about putting it all together.

I have not hunted more than 50 feet from my car (exaggerating, but still). Am I in over my head? Probably. But I have no problem tackling the task at hand. I just want to make sure I maximize my experience. All help/advice is very appreciated. Be well and thanks.


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Moose Fever
by: Mark - The Mooseman

David, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you before you went on your moose hunt. I hope all was well for you.

You obviously are showing some respect for the moose, that's good. It's not always easy to pull the trigger or release an arrow on an animal. Adrenalin does funny things to us.

You need to be at peace with yourself if you are going to take the life of an animal (in this case a moose). If an animal is going to die because of your actions, you have to justify it in your own mind.

Every time you eat meat or fish, someone or something killed it for you. Quite possibly in a not so nice fashion. Does it matter to you if someone else does the killing?

Killing an innocent moose? How about the innocent cow?

Killing happens, be respectful, give thanks to the creator for giving you the opportunity to see and share in the bounty of the wilderness. It is OK to feel remorse for taking the life of a wild animal, that shows respect!

Meat that comes shrink wrapped had no human feelings involved!

How to Not Freeze Up
by: david

I am about to go hunting in 2 days but every time I point the gun at the moose he looks at me as if to say why shoot me? What have I done to you?

He's so big I freeze up and have a rush of adrenaline the moose is so big and demands respect.

What do I do? I want to make dad happy and how do I not freeze up?

plz help me with this!

by: Dave Kelso

I have hunted Quebec several times.

Your equipment sounds good. Quebec callers for the most part are some of the best in the world. Moose hunting is not a sport in Quebec it is a religion! (Quote from the late Maryo Pepin, founder of Buck Expert)

Remember that in most zones in Quebec it takes two tags to a moose. That is why the hunts are inexpensive. Some areas require 3 or 4 tags to one moose.

I have been to Newfoundland as well. Do your homework before going but if you go to the right camp you will have a good hunt. Go to a bad one (been there done that) Not much will salvage the hunt.

Look at the timing of your hunt in Quebec. Moose rut there peaking on the 24th of September and you have 9 days either side of that to hit real good calling. Many of those Quebec guys can still talk a moose in earlier and later.
Good Luck,
Dave Kelso

To go or Not to go
by: Anonymous

Stay home. Your wife has already said no!

Moose Hunting Advice
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Thanks so much for your question(s). Actually I'm not quite sure where to start.

First off I would like to commend you on your thought process. Your planned hunt is about hunting... not killing. That is the BEST attitude to start with, especially as a bow hunter.

It sounds to me as though you have some idea as to what you are facing; traditional bow hunting moose will be a challenge for certain.

Do you have help? Moose hunting itself can be a solo thing, but getting them out usually takes more than one person. Not that that can't be done, it's just easier.

Your gear sounds good to me. I like the fact you are using heavy arrows. That is very important in order to achieve both energy and penetration power. As well as the ability to break bones.

I'm glad you did your homework too. Nothing worse than getting to an area where the outfit doesn't live up to expectations.

A moose in "Carry-on", now there's a novel idea. I wonder how much extra you'd have to pay for that? lol

As for what to do with your antlers. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not allowed to bring them in the house either. Fortunately I have a shop where I can hang mine... "The Dog House"!

There are some guys that will buy them. Others have them painted, use them as garden ornaments. Or you can leave them in the bush for rodents.

I hope after your season you come back here and share your experience!

I don't know as I have any "general advice" for you. If you have more specific questions I'll do my best to answer them.

Your hunt is planned for the beginning of the rut. Prime time!
You need to learn to call bulls, hunt near water if possible.

Of course check out the moose hunting tips page.

Good luck and good hunting.

"The Moose Man"

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